01 February 2017

Super Bowl LI Predictions

It is the one game bigger than all of the others: the Super Bowl. The champions of the AFC and the champions of the NFC face off this Sunday evening in Space City but while two teams will enter, only one will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as they stand alone as NFL champions.

Who will win Super Bowl LI? Here are my predictions.

Conference Championships: 1-1
2016: 172-94

Sunday, February 5th
Patriots (14-2) vs. Falcons (13-3) - Houston - Fox, 6:30
New England Patriots (2000 - Pres)Atlanta Falcons (2003 - Pres)
If you like offense and you like points, this should be the Super Bowl matchup for you. After all, the league's highest and third-highest scoring offenses are in the mix, in a game that will be played indoors, and only featured the two quarterbacks that have been the league's best all season.

While they are certainly a hatable franchise for a variety of reasons, the Patriots are also an easy team to pick here. After all, you have the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady combination, you have a franchise that hasn't lost a Super Bowl to a team not named the New York Giants in over three decades and you have the added motivation of the Roger Goodell shenanigans (because who wouldn't love the sight of the commissioner handing the Super Bowl trophy handing over the Lombardi Trophy to these guys?).

But anybody that is counting out the Atlanta Falcons is making a big mistake, in my opinion. Yes, they don't get the amount of media attention that other teams get but if you watched them in the postseason, when they dispatched the Seahawks and the Packers with ease, you would know that this is a team not to take lightly and one that certainly could win on Sunday.

And in fact, they are the team that I think will win on Sunday. The Falcons are healthier and frankly, I think they are playing better at the moment. Look for Matt Ruan to connect on some deep balls with Julio Jones and for Vic Beasley to keep the pressure on Brady all night long on the other side of the field.
Falcons 38 Patriots 35

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  1. Hi Ben
    As much we all want a nail-biter I think the Pats have this one in the bag 34-17 as they have the much better D. Marino's O got buried by the 49ers as was Theismann's before then against the Raiders.