13 January 2017

Breaking down the Chargers' hire of Anthony Lynn

Few coaches have had the rise that Anthony Lynn has had. Lynn started the season as the running backs coach for the Buffalo Bills, he took over as the offensive coordinator and the playcaller after Week 2, and then he became the interim coach after Rex Ryan was fired before Week 17. And now, he will be the next head coach of the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers.

As I just alluded to, the Chargers are going through a pretty big transition right now so they are at a critical time in the history of their franchise. Is Lynn the right guy to lead them forward?

Lynn has been a running backs coach for the vast majority of his coaching career and he was a highly regarded one to boot. He also did himself a nice job when he was calling plays after Greg Roman was hastily fired by Ryan back in September which helped to lead to him getting the call to replace Ryan in Week 17.

But he still has only been more than a running backs coach for 14 games and that one game where he was the head coach, in the finale against the Jets in the Meadowlands, turned into a complete disaster for the Bills as they got pummeled by a team that had given up. Should we hold that against Lynn in assuming that he couldn't be a good head coach? I don't think that would be fair, but we also can't ignore it either.

Given his background as a backs coach, it shouldn't be surprised that Lynn loves to focus on the running game and he helped to construct some very good running games these past two years with the Bills. That should bode well for him in San Diego as Melvin Gordon had himself a really nice sophomore season before getting hurt and as Philip Rivers is not going to be around forever. And if he builds a staff that features Ken Whisenhunt as his offensive coordinator and Gus Bradley as his defensive coordinator, that'll be a very good start.

But having to deal with this Los Angeles move is going to be a significant hurdle for the franchise as a whole and while I think that Lynn is a good enough coach to handle it with flying colors, the situation he steps into and the fact that he isn't experienced beyond behind a running backs coach is a little bit of a concern in my opinion.


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