07 January 2017

2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Predictions

The College Football Playoff, and the entire season, comes down to Monday night. In a rematch of last year's National Championship, the Tigers from Clemson University and the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama will face off for the whole enchilada.

Will Clemson exact their revenge or will the Crimson Tide win another national championship? Here are my predictions.

Monday, January 8th
1 Alabama (14-0) vs. 2 Clemson (13-1) - ESPN, 8:00
Alabama Crimson Tide (2001 - Pres)Clemson Tigers (2014 - Pres)
I went into the semifinals expecting the Crimson Tide to, well, roll over basically anybody they would play, be it Clemson or Ohio State, in the National Championship. But now, even after Alabama was able to smoke out the Washington Huskies, I'm not as sold now and there are a couple of reasons why.

First off, I don't love the timing of switching out their offensive coordinator with former USC coach Steve Sarkisian replacing former USC coach Lane Kiffin. Yes, there were reports of dysfunction of late with Kiffin, as there always is, but nobody can deny that he's a really good playcaller and I feel like changing offensive coordinators days before the championship isn't ideal.

Second, Clemson's defense looked spectacular in their semifinal contest. Yes, Ohio State was running an offense straight out of 1941 but Clemson's defense totally and completely shut them down all game. I knew that the Tigers had a very good defense but that performance was impressive. And considering that Alabama's offense did have some struggles for a bit against a strong Washington defense, Clemson's defense is good enough to keep them in the game.

And I think that'll be the case. I do still think that the Tide are too deep and consistent to pick against them here but it should be a good one.
Alabama 17 Clemson 13

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