16 December 2017

Fanatic Radio Bowl Show 2017

Yes, after much speculation - the critically acclaimed #BowlShow is back on Fanatic Radio. 41 games don't stand a chance against Flo and Mike. From the crappy Dec. 16 ESPN bowls leading up to the great matchups on New Year's Day. Baker Mayfield against the Georgia defense and another ESPN-fabricated Clemson-Alabama rematch.

Oh boy. We also discuss the lack of creativity in bowl games how teams are basically hosting their own games and the 'Committee' ruining everything...again and what to do with Lane Kiffin.

15 December 2017

Fanatic Radio 12/14/17 - Flo in His Happy Place

This is a Flo episode. Giancarlo Stanton, the Home Run King is officially a New York Yankee and the pinstripes are looking like the team of old and still not finished buying. Aaron Rodgers has been cleared to play this weekend for the Packers, which is news to Flo's ears and FOX and Disney - what will happen to the future of television for his sake and sports.

Wentz is gone, what are the Eagles chances or who could possibly win the NFL MVP race, Taylor Swift and UPS, and LaVar Ball sends his kids to Europe and to tone it down by the Lakers. Also FRPD is back on the case and a new segement of college basketball.

14 September 2017

Fanatic Radio 9/13/17 - NASCAR Chase Playoff

Starting this weekend, America's fastest sport goes full throttle to pilot into a hillside as the Playoff for the Monster Energy Cup begins, with 16 drivers vying for glory, Mike and Ben discuss who are the favorites, sleepers and morons.

College Football Quick Em Pick Em goes week 3 with Lamar Jackson vs Clemson and other bigshot matchups in this quiet week and the Pack are 1-0 in the NFL. We also welcome bringing Fanatic Radio on Stitcher and preview the final stretches of the MLB regular season. Indians win-streak or Dodgers losing streak?

13 September 2017

Fanatic Radio, Now Available on Stitcher

The Millennial's Show continues to grow and expand to a worldwide audience as Fanatic Radio is proud to partner with Stitcher, your source for portable and personalized podcasts, news and talk internet radio.

Each day, the latest segments stream to you automatically, without you having to manually refresh anything. Stitcher puts the world of podcasts and Fanatic Radio at your fingertips anywhere, anytime, on the go.

"We are excited about this unique partnership, from all fronts," Fanatic Radio co-host Mike Gardner said. "Stitcher has the amazing way to digitally reach more listeners and fanatics from anywhere, anytime. It only grows our show's popularity even more and adds to the list of easily, accessible ways fans to listen to our show."

Get the freshest episodes of your favorite podcasts and radio shows streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad - no downloading or syncing. Stitcher organizes and delivers the world of talk radio fresh daily. Listen whenever and wherever you want.

Fanatic Radio, the Millennial's Show is available via the podcast page on iTunes, BFlo360.com, Twitter and Facebook. With ideas, suggestions, comments contact us via thefanaticradio@gmail.com.

08 September 2017

Fanatic Radio 9/6/17 - No Fun League Preview

Football has already started, but the NFL officially kicks off Thursday with the defending-Super Bowl champs New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Mike and Ben talk league storylines from who has the funniest, worst quarterback - or what happened to the great quarterback to begin with?

Other than the Pats, who can challenge them this season? Who will emerge out of the south AFC and NFC? Scam Newton? A.P. in the Big Easy? Matty-Ice!? It's our NFL Season Preview. We also talk the collapse of soccer and the rise of US tennis in America and our college football Quick Em Pick Ems for Week 2.

31 August 2017

Fanatic Radio 8/30/17 - College Football Kickoff

The big games are this weekend and Fanatic Radio is back with our notorious Quick 'Em-Pick 'Em for Week 1 of College Football: Alabama-Florida State, Michigan-Florida; Mike and Ben will break down the essential Labor Day matchups.

That boxing match happened, so there's that. How was the fight in terms of boxing, Mayweather's impact on the entertainment industry and we preview the Southern Bojangles 500 at Darlington this weekend for the NASCAR.

Fanatic Radio also discusses Hurricane Harvey and aftermath down in southern Texas and the magic of the human element as people from across the country are lending a helping hand.

Click to donate to the Red Cross to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

01 June 2017

Fanatic Radio 6/1/17 - More Sports in June

With the weekend in the books, so much drama, Fanatic Radio has more on its plate than the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Mike and Ben break down their adventures, Sedona, D.C. and what they were up to on the holiday break.
Bryce Harper, Tiger Woods, the witches of the west and donuts on drones. It's all part of a new Fanatic Radio to ring in the summer, June and staying fit via Planet Fitness.

07 April 2017

Fanatic Radio 4/6/17 - Play Ball!

Fanatic Radio is back from the Final Four to gear you up for our National Pastime, rather we like it or not. Flo was on-site for the Washington Nationals home opener in D.C. and we paint the MLB scene of who's hot and who's not from the defending champion Chicago Cubs, the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Boston Red Sox.

Fan mail is in full force of our Masters preview sans Tiger and Dustin Johnson, CBS football with ex-Cowboy Tony Romo and Mike's adventure at the Women's Final Four.

The Millennial's Show is presented by 1-800-Flowers.com
Not Your Father's Root Beer and Utz Pretzels. Please drink responsibly.

29 March 2017

Fanatic Radio 3/29/17 - Final Four Fa Show

On the eve of the Final Four, Mike and Ben breakdown what is a better storyline to win the National Championship, our thoughts on the preliminary rounds of the tournament and just what a nightmare Lonzo and his father have become.

Flo returns from Las Vegas with stories of gambling and the Glove, and speaking of the Sin City, what does the Raiders and the NFL in Vegas truly mean for the changing landscape of the sporting world?

The Millennial's Show, brought to you by 1-800-Flowers.com.

16 February 2017

Fanatic Radio 2/15/17

Since they are blacklisted from Bourbon Street, Fanatic Radio is covering NBA All Star Weekend from an undisclosed location to talk about a season halfway in the books and what have we expected from Golden State, LeBron, the Knicks and more.

Geno has won 100 straight games with his UCONN Huskies, just how significant is this historic accomplishment and more men's hoops as we are less than a month from Selection Sunday. Sponsored by 1-800-Flowers.

01 February 2017

Super Bowl LI Predictions

It is the one game bigger than all of the others: the Super Bowl. The champions of the AFC and the champions of the NFC face off this Sunday evening in Space City but while two teams will enter, only one will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as they stand alone as NFL champions.

Who will win Super Bowl LI? Here are my predictions.

23 January 2017

The End of the Line

When I started this blog almost seven years ago, in what was a simpler time, I simply saw it as a forum for me to share my opinions on sports. Whether or not it was read by anybody never really crossed my mind, it was simply something I would do in my spare time. I never thought it would turn into what it is today, something not only with over 3.5 million pageviews but also something I would make money off of.

But from the get-go, I knew that there would a point where it would have to come to an end. There was never an expectation that B-Flo 360 would get to the point where I could live off of it, nor was it something I ever wanted to do full-time, and thus I always knew that there would be a point where I would have to make a choice to keep it going or bring it to a conclusion.

Now is that time. And there are a few reasons why I think that is the case.

One of the trends that I have noticed in recent years on the blog is that outside of the NFL season, my blogging has grown more inconsistent. For example during baseball season, I wasn't doing much more than the MLB on Fox posts. And even during the NFL season, I was basically doing just picks and the announcer posts. Largely that's due to the fact that the media posts tend to do really well but it has become one of my disappointments that I don't write more here.

Also, now that I have become a quote-unquote adult, with a job, an apartment and all that, I have found it harder to dedicate as much focus and energy now than I was able to back in high school and then college.

Lastly, I feel that as a result of that last point, my performance on the blog has declined and has gotten sloppier. I have noticed that I have been making more mistakes and been doing a poorer job editing myself.

Therefore, I think it is time to close up shop. I will always be thankful for the people that have read it over the years, whether it be from day one or more so in recent years, I still look back and am amazed that people actually read this stuff. And I never would have expected it would get to the point where a colleague at Fox News recognized me from my blog before he even met me. That was pretty cool.

But from this point on, with the exception of my picks next week for Super Bowl LI, there will be no more new content (although I will keep up updating the announcing schedules for the NBA, NHL and college basketball). As always, you can catch me on Twitter here where I will still pontificate and rant about sports and just about everything else.

So to quote the great Maury Povich, until next time America.

18 January 2017

Reacting to the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame case

The voting has concluded and this summer, three players will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown: Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez. Did the voters get it right this year, or do I have to rant about how they didn't? Here is my analysis.

2017 NFL Conference Championships Predictions

Four teams remain alive in this NFL season as we have reached the conference championship games, but only two teams will be able to advance to Super Bowl LI. Which teams will they be?

Here are my predictions for the NFC and the AFC Championships.

13 January 2017

Breaking down the Chargers' hire of Anthony Lynn

Few coaches have had the rise that Anthony Lynn has had. Lynn started the season as the running backs coach for the Buffalo Bills, he took over as the offensive coordinator and the playcaller after Week 2, and then he became the interim coach after Rex Ryan was fired before Week 17. And now, he will be the next head coach of the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers.

As I just alluded to, the Chargers are going through a pretty big transition right now so they are at a critical time in the history of their franchise. Is Lynn the right guy to lead them forward?

Breaking down the Rams' hire of Sean McVay

There is a new youngest head coach in NFL history and his name is Sean McVay. The Los Angeles Rams announced on Thursday that the 30-year-old will become the 28th head coach in franchise history (including interim coaches) after serving three years as the offensive coordinator of Washington.

Will McVay be able to lead the Rams to success following a messy return to Los Angeles this past season? Here are my thoughts.

Breaking down the Bills' hire of Sean McDermott

It has been 20 years since Marv Levy retired as head coach of the Buffalo Bills and now, the franchise has hired their tenth coach (including interim coaches) since then. Sean McDermott, the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers, will be that man as the team announced on Wednesday.

Considering that the team has failed to make the playoffs every year since 1999, McDermott would appear to have a tough job in front of him but there are some pieces to work with here.

Fanatic Radio 1/12/17 - Wild, Wild West

Fanatic Radio 1/12/17: On the eve of NFL playoffs, Mike and Ben talk the end of college football, did Clemson's victory prove something larger in NCAA, where does Alabama go from here? The NBA is thinking about speeding up the end of games, but will they be men of their words or like 90% of corporate America?

Carl Edwards retires, new NFL head coaches and more. The Millennial's Show is back, just before the Inauguration.

12 January 2017

Breaking down the Broncos' hire of Vance Joseph

The Denver Broncos showed some interest in Vance Joseph for not one but two gigs two years ago, interviewing him for the head coaching gig that ultimately went to Gary Kubiak and then wanting to hire him as their defensive coordinator. Now, they have finally landed Joseph as he will become the 16th head coach in franchise history.

Can the Chargers succeed in Los Angeles?

It wasn't that long ago that there were no NFL franchises in the Southland but now after today's news, there will soon be two. One year after getting approved to move to Los Angeles and 56 years after leaving the city following their inaugural season, the San Diego Chargers are set to relocate and to become the Los Angeles Chargers for this upcoming season. To drive home the point, they even cranked out a terrible logo to note the occasion.

This move will solve their stadium issues that have dogged the franchises for years as they will share the Rams' new stadium currently being constructed, but will they be able to cultivate a fanbase?

11 January 2017

Why Carl Edwards leaving NASCAR is such a stunner

I think it is safe to say that us NASCAR fans were not expecting to read a headline like this yesterday but as we will found earlier today, Carl Edwards has announced his retirement from NASCAR. Even a day after finding out the news, and even after hearing out his rationale, it still is surprising to me and here is why.

2017 NFL Divisional Playoffs Predictions

The 2017 NFL Playoffs roll on after a frankly mediocre slate of games this past weekend. Now, we get those teams that had bye weeks in action as they host the winners from Wild Card weekend.

Who will advance to their respective conference championship games? Here are my Divisional Playoffs predictions.

10 January 2017

Can Doug Marrone & Tom Coughlin bring the Jaguars back to respectability?

There is a new team running the show in Jacksonville, for the most part, as they given the head coaching gig to interim coach Doug Marrone while also bringing back former head coach Tom Coughlin as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Marrone previously served as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills before his controversial departure after the 2014 season while Coughlin followed up his successful first tenure with the Jaguars and then a very successful run with the New York Giants where he won a pair of Super Bowls.

The Jaguars have only made the playoffs twice this century with the last appearance coming in 2007, can these two be the ones to bring quality football back to the River City?

07 January 2017

2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Predictions

The College Football Playoff, and the entire season, comes down to Monday night. In a rematch of last year's National Championship, the Tigers from Clemson University and the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama will face off for the whole enchilada.

Will Clemson exact their revenge or will the Crimson Tide win another national championship? Here are my predictions.

06 January 2017

2016 NFL Awards

As we wrap up the regular season and crank up the playoffs this weekend, let's look back and hand out some hardware. Here are the B-Flo 360 NFL Awards for 2016.

04 January 2017

2017 NFL Playoffs Predictions: Wild Card

The NFL Playoffs have finally arrived and it has been 17 weeks in the making. 12 teams still have their dreams of winning the Lombardi Trophy intact and eight of them are in action this weekend. Which four clubs will win this weekend and which four will go home? Here are my picks for Wild Card weekend.