25 June 2016

Can the NHL succeed in Las Vegas?

It has seemed like a pretty solid bet that the National Hockey League was preparing to put a team in Las Vegas (pun absolutely intended). And now as of this past Wednesday, it is official: there will be a 31st NHL franchise at the start of the 2017-18 NHL season and it will be the Las Vegas (fill in the blank)s.

Anytime any of the major pro sports leagues expands is a big deal but this is a unique challenge considering that this franchise will be the first major professional sports franchise in Sin City. Will it be a success?

24 June 2016

2016 NBA Draft: Team Grades

The 2016 NBA Draft was last night so naturally the next question has to be how did each and every NBA franchise do last night? Well, here's my take.

23 June 2016

Fanatic Radio 6/22/16 - Return of the Mac

After a brief hiatus, Fanatic Radio is back, the Millenials Show, back and better than ever. Mike & Ben talk about the historic run from the Cleveland Cavailers and where LeBron James ranks among the all-time greats in basketball and what teams need to retool in order to keep up with the Golden State Warriors with the NBA Draft around the corner. 

With the revamped show, we bring in new takes on politics and media into the fray with insight from bflo360.com and much more with Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down. We appreciate the continued love and support - check us out on facebook.com/fanaticradio and bflo360.com.

2016 MLB on Fox Announcers & Distribution: June 25th

This Saturday is the final Saturday of the month of June and thus, the folks at Fox Sports will be presenting some Major League Baseball action at 7 PM. That comprises of games at Kauffman Stadium, PNC Park and Turner Field and follows Padres-Reds on FS1. Which game are you getting and who will be calling it? Let's find out.

2016 NBA Mock Draft: Final Edition

Here we finally are, the day of the 2016 NBA Draft. Therefore, here is my final crack of projecting the first round of all the action tonight.

B-Flo 360 Podcast - June 23, 2016

After a brilliant performance in the NBA Finals, what do we think about LeBron James now? How about Dustin Johnson and his performance in the US Open last weekend? Who disappointed me last week on Instagram?

All of that plus the wildly popular B-Flo Shoutout on this week's edition of the B-Flo 360 Podcast.

20 June 2016

ESPN to retain half of the Big Ten TV rights

(Getty Images)
In the wake of Fox getting half of the Big Ten television rights two months ago, much was left to be pondered about if ESPN, the previous rightsholder, was going to have much of a slice of a pie if it had one at all. After all, much has been made about how ESPN was in the midst of some serious cost-cutting and they reportedly went in with a lowball bid for the package that went to Fox which led some to wonder whether ESPN was going to be willing to fork up what was needed.

Well now we know that the answer to that question is yes as SportsBusinessDaily broke the news this morning that the relationship between ESPN and the B1G will continue.