28 May 2016

2016 Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

We have whittled down the NHL season to two teams but as we have learned time and time again, there can only be one. On one side you have the San Jose Sharks making their first appearance ever in the Stanley Cup Finals. On the other you have the Pittsburgh Penguins making their first appearance in the Finals since 2009 and are gunning for their fourth championship in the history of their franchise.

There can only be one team to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup, who will it be?

2016 Indianapolis 500 Predictions

With it being Memorial Day Weekend, that means that this Sunday will be the Indianapolis 500 and not just any Indianapolis 500. Not only does this year mark the 100th running of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, but it also will be a complete sellout which means that the infamous local blackout will be lifted. What a time to be alive.

Who will be drinking the milk this Sunday? Can I correctly predict the winner for the second year in a row? Here are my predictions for the 2016 Indy 500.

27 May 2016

2016 Stanley Cup Finals TV Schedule & Announcers

The Stanley Cup Finals kick off this Monday night and as always, the entirety of the series will be on either NBC or NBCSN with the usual suspects calling the games. However, we do have an interesting twist on which game will air where. More on that below.

2016 NBA Mock Draft: 2nd Edition

As we get ready for Memorial Day Weekend, here's my second hack at an NBA mock draft. Take a look below.

26 May 2016

Please don't compare Stephen Curry to Jeremy Lin

Everybody loves a good hot take as I always say on my podcast and we got ourselves a doozy of one from The Big Lead (and surprisingly, not one from our guy Jason McIntyre). The Warriors, after an epic 73-9 regular season, could see their season coming to an end tonight at the hands of the Thunder and it has led to ridiculous takes like this one.

Why firing Art Briles is not enough for Baylor

(Waco Tribune-Herald)
If you haven't been following the disgraceful controversy regarding the football program at Baylor University, you are certainly aware of it now in the wake of news that head coach Art Briles has gotten fired (okay, technically suspended with intent to terminate). This came only a couple of days after a report that school president Kenneth Starr (yes, that Kenneth Starr) was ousted but now it appears that Starr will simply be demoted to school chancellor. Piece this all together with the scathing report of a law firm hired by the university to investigate this whole controversy and you have got a national embarrassment.

And it's the kind of embarrassment that should see more than the ouster of a coach and the demotion of a school president. It's imperative that Baylor University completely cleans house.

2016 MLB on Fox Announcers & Distribution: May 28th

Buck and friends in 1996 (SAD)
As we all look forward to Memorial Day Weekend, our friends over at Fox Sports will have a trio of baseball action on Saturday as part of Baseball Night in America. That includes games in Arlington, Flushing and Washington. Which game will you be getting and who will be calling it? Let's find out.

25 May 2016

B-Flo 360 Podcast - May 25, 2016

What is going on with the Golden State Warriors? What's new with the Washington name controversy? And why is Whole Foods such a disgrace?

All of that and much more to be discussed in this week's edition of the B-Flo 360 Podcast. Enjoy!

Of all teams, the Marlins would sue ticket holders

Maybe you would presume that a team that has struggled greatly for years to draw fans to their home games, a team that feigned financial hardship in order to scam their county's residents out of billions of dollars and a team that has not reached the postseason since winning the 2003 World Series as well as one that has not been above .500 since 2009 would try to do everything possible to ingratiate itself with its current clientele.

But then again, this is the Miami Marlins we are talking about and this story in the Miami New Times about the team suing both ticketholders as well as vendors really just says it all.

24 May 2016

It's time for the Indianapolis 500 blackout to end (Updated)

(Indianapolis Star)
If blackouts seem like a thing of the past, it's because they are. Virtually all major American sports have done away with the practice with the most infamous holdout, the National Football League, continuing a suspension of the policy instituted before the 2015 season. But one of the very last uses of the practice comes with the Indianapolis 500 as television viewers in the Indianapolis television market have been unable to watch the race live since 1950. Instead they are forced to watch it on tape delay in primetime.

But now folks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, who enforce the local ABC blackout, are reportedly considering lifting the blackout according to our good friends at the Indianapolis Star.