28 December 2016

2016 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 17

The final week of the regular season means that both networks will have doubleheaders and the NFL on Fox has seven games on their schedule this Sunday. Your early games feature Carolina, Chicago, Dallas, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay while the late games feature Arizona, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.

Which games will you be getting and who will be calling them? Let's find out one more time for the NFL on Fox.

Fox NFL Schedule
506Sports Maps

Dallas Cowboys (1964 - Pres)Philadelphia Eagles (1987 - 1995)
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver
Carolina Panthers (1995 - 2011)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014 - Pres)
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Chris Spielman, Peter Schrager
WFTX - Fort Myers, FL
WFOX - Jacksonville, FL
WOGX - Ocala, FL
WOFL - Orlando, FL
WPGX - Panama City, FL
WLTH - Tallahassee, FL
WTVT - Tampa, FL
WXTX - Columbus, GA
WTGS - Savannah, GA
WJZY - Charlotte, NC
WGHP – Greensboro, NC
WFXI - Greenville, NC
WRAZ - Raleigh, NC
WDFX - Wilmington, NC
WTAT - Charleston, SC
WACH - Columbia, SC
WHNS - Greenville, SC
WFXB - Myrtle Beach, SC
WFXR - Roanoke, VA
Chicago Bears (1999 - Pres)Minnesota Vikings (1966 - 2012)
Dick Stockton, David Diehl, Kristina Pink
WFLD - Chicago, IL
WYZZ - Peoria, IL
WGEM-DT - Quincy, IL
WQRF - Rockford, IL
WRSP - Springfield, IL
KLJB – Quad Cities, IL/IA
WISE-DT - Fort Wayne, IN
WXIN - Indianapolis, IN
WSJV - South Bend, IN
WTHI-DT - Terre Haute, IN
KFXA - Cedar Rapids, IA
KDSM - Des Moines, IA
KYOU - Ottumwa, IA
KFXA - Sioux City, IA
WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI
KQDS - Duluth, MN
KEYC-DT - Mankato, MN
KMSP - Minneapolis, MN
KXLT - Rochester, MN
KHMT - Billings, MT
K11TW - North Platte, NE
KNDX - Bismarck, ND
KVRR - Fargo, ND
KEVN - Rapid City, SD
KTTW - Sioux Falls, SD
WEUX - Eau Claire, WI
WLUK - Green Bay, WI
WLAX - La Crosse, WI
WMSN - Madison, WI
WZAW - Wausau, WI

New York Giants (2000 - Pres)Washington Redskins (1965 - 1969)
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews
Seattle Seahawks (1976 - 2001)San Francisco 49ers (1996 - 2008)
Joe Davis, Brady Quinn, Shannon Spake
KTBY - Anchorage, AK
KCVU - Chico, CA
KBVU - Eureka, CA
KMPH - Fresno, CA
KCBA - Monterey, CA
KTVU - Oakland, CA
KTXL - Sacramento, CA
KNIN - Boise, ID
KFXP - Pocatello, ID
KXTF - Twin Falls, ID
KWYB-DT2 - Butte, MT
KFBB-DT2 - Great Falls, MT
KHBB-DT2 - Helena, MT
KTMF-DT2 - Missoula, MT
KRXI - Reno, NV
KFXO - Bend, OR
KLSR - Eugene, OR
KMVU - Medford, OR
KPTV - Portland, OR
KCPQ - Seattle, WA
KAYU - Spokane, WA
KFFX – Tri-Cities, WA
New Orleans Saints (1967 - 1999)Atlanta Falcons (1966 - 1989)
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin
WBRC - Birmingham, AL
WDFX - Dothan, AL
WZDK - Huntsville, AL
WALA - Mobile, AL
WCOV - Montgomery, AL
WFXL - Albany, GA
WAGA - Atlanta, GA
WFXG - Augusta, GA
WXTX - Columbus, GA
WGXA - Macon, GA
WTGS - Savannah, GA
WNTZ - Alexandria, LA
WGMB - Baton Rouge, LA
KADN - Lafayette, LA
KVHP - Lake Charles, LA
KARD - Monroe, LA
WVUE - New Orleans, LA
KMSS - Shreveport, LA
WXXV - Biloxi, MS
WABG-DT - Greenville, MS
WHPM - Hattiesburg, MS
WDBD - Jackson, MS
WGBC-DT - Meridian, MS
WHNS - Greenville, SC
Arizona Cardinals (1994 - 2004)Los Angeles Rams (1984 - 1994)
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
KSAZ - Phoenix, AZ
KMSB - Tucson, AZ
KECY - Yuma, AZ
KBFX - Bakersfield, CA
KTTV - Los Angeles, CA
KDFX - Palm Springs, CA
KKFX - Santa Barbara, CA
KVVU - Las Vegas, NV


  1. Jennifer Hale and Ronde Barber are going to have a busy Sunday working two simultaneous games.

  2. why do we have the Redskins game? i thought SC always got the Falcons...

  3. love how eric shanks continues to shove the cow girls and the dumb hotel blonde down our throats. thank god for cbs......

    1. If you're referring to Joe and Troy as dumb blondes, they are NOT calling the Cowboys game this Sunday, besides they haven't been on FOX in the past 4 weeks.

    2. I agree with the Cowgirls shoved down our throats too much, including during various pregame and wrap-ups/recaps following an NFL Sunday, but what do you want them to show? There are reasons the 4 pm games are what they are, in order to prevent unfair advantages gained by one team competing against another for a seed, etc... by being able to scoreboard watch and perhaps then being able to sit starters. Bucs-Panthers? Hardly worth watching at 1 pm. Tampa is on life support.

    3. they will shove tony blow mo or mark sanchez of the cowgirls down our throats. Id rather see TB because at least there is a chance they could get in. Philadelphia sucks and I will watch European bootlegged streaming to avoid watching the Cowgirls. As for silver spoon and dumb hotel fox blonde, not much I can do since that is a big game that I can mute.

  4. "NFL on FOX" has done it again. Yet another Dick Stockton, Dave Diehl & Kristina Pink Bears' game. They're sending them to Minnesota for the finale of the nightmare, injury-ravaged Bears' season, while the rarely used Joe Davis, Brady Quinn & Shannon Spake will get Seahawks/49ers in that late window of games. I think other than the Redskins' simple win and in if they beat the Giants, it appears as if "NFL on FOX" has very little in the way of games with actual playoff meaning to wrap up the regular season.

    1. I'm happy Joe Davis gets a game he did a great job calling Lions vs Bears the last week of the season last year

    2. Heard Joe Davis for the first time tonight on the DePaul/Villanova basketball game. Did well. Guess the underrated Sam Rosen was tied up (luckily for him) with the NY Rangers. He is FOX's MVP helping the young talent.

    3. I like him as well. Joe Davis & Brady Quinn called a handful of College Football games this past season on FOX Sports 1, while Davis also worked a handful of College Basketball games on BOTH FS1 & FOX respectively. I think he's a rising talent at FOX Sports. It's not just the Dodgers that are happy to have Davis calling their games full time.

    4. Absolutely he's certainly on the rise no doubt about it & I hope he does well as Vin Scully's successor

  5. Just wondering who Chris Myers and Ronde Barber offended to get two consecutive Rams home games...surely they should have been given the Tampa game - at least a meaningful match-up if not the best one.

    1. yes being in sunny LA, sounds like a grand punishment, they enjoy LA and can phone it in on Sunday because no one will care.

  6. Why is Saints vs Falcons and Giants vs Redskins 425 games

    1. Cuz a bye is at stake for Atlanta & Seattle if Atlanta wins they clinch the No.2 seed if Seattle wins & Atlanta loses they're the No. 2 seed if the Lions beat Green Bay with Seattle & Atlanta losing they will be the No. 2 seed if Green Bay Wins they will be either a 3 seed or a 4 seed & as for Washington they must win & hope for a loss between either Green Bay or Detroit otherwise both Green Bay & Detroit clinch a playoff berth before the NFC North title game

    2. if the redskins lose are eliminated for the playoff

  7. love a doubleheader where i get stuck with dallas for the umpteenth time and then get stuck with joe fuck and airhead hotel fox blonde in the late game. i like joe davis and enjoy kevin burkhardt, kenny albert and thom brennanmen. but of course we are required to have joe fuck and airhead blonde sideline reporter every week so i will not watch dallas early and will mute the washington game late.

    1. This is an inappropriate comment with bad words on a site where kids can be reading this and making negative comments about women, which is also bad. Ben, why are you not deleting this garbage and classless comment?

    2. Cry me a river you stupid idiot. don't like it don't read it unless you are related to either one of those morons or eric shanks who is god awful executive.

  8. Well CBS definitely is the network to watch Sunday...Dolphins-Pats at 1 pm and both Oakland-Denver, KC-SD at 4 pm; most alluring game in terms of incentive on FOX would be Falcons-Saints, since Seattle probably wins and Atlanta needs to win to get the bye. Yes Redskins and Bucs (to a much lesser extent) are playing for their playoff lives, but even if they win, they may well not be in anyhow.

    1. CBS has good announcers for the most part and they show different games and teams rather than just shoving the cowgirls down our throats like fox does. They could show the Pats more but glad they don't.

      Just get rid of that dumb blonde reporter on Gumbel's broadcasts and I would be happy.

  9. Myers and Barber for yet ANOTHER Cards game. Barber is worse than his brother. Keeps calling OC James Betcher "Beckter" and David Johnson "Larry Johnson" or Kevin Minter "Mike Minter" glad this season is almost over.

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