02 November 2016

2016 NFL Predictions: Week 9

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We are now at or about at the midway point in the 2016 NFL season, if you can believe it. There are a bunch of key games this week, including some pivotal divisional showdowns, so without further ado, here are my Week 9 picks.

Last Week: 7-6
2016: 67-53
Locks: 5-3

Thursday, November 3rd
Falcons (5-3) vs. Buccaneers (3-4) - NFL Network, 8:25
Atlanta Falcons (1966 - 1989)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976 - 1996)
The Falcons looked pretty good against the Packers in driving to get the winning touchdown and it was a key win after two straight losses. They will head on down to Tampa to take on a Buccaneers team that after two straight wins saw their defense get absolutely torn up for over 500 passing yards to Derek Carr in an overtime loss. After a performance defensively like that, I think it is safe to say that Matt Ryan is licking his fingers.
Falcons 34 Buccaneers 28

Sunday, November 6th
Lions (4-4) vs. Vikings (5-2) - Fox, 1:00
Detroit Lions (2009 - Pres)Minnesota Vikings (2013 - Pres)
It's a good thing that Minnesota was my lock this past week as they looked terrible against the Bears on Monday night. Sam Bradford got sacked five times as the offensive line is starting to fall apart. They have been a good home team this year, mind you, and the Lions may not be able to fully take advantage of Minnesota's problems along the offensive line.
Vikings 16 Lions 13

Eagles (4-3) vs. Giants (4-3) - Fox, 1:00
Philadelphia Eagles (1996 - Pres)New York Giants (1976 - 1999)
Philadelphia is not only playing back-to-back road games, they really need to get their offense going as it has been a few weeks since it was up and cranking. Fortunately for them, the New York offense has not looked all that hot of late and they have been doing their best to turn the ball over. It's a tough call but I think that Eli Manning will be the one that leads the Giants to a key divisional win.
Giants 24 Eagles 21

Jets (3-5) vs. Dolphins (3-4) - CBS, 1:00
New York Jets (1965 - 1971)Miami Dolphins (1974 - 1979)
The Jets may be pleased with winning two in a row but they really should not take that much solace in having to rally to defeat the worst team in football. Their defense has been a disappointment this season and with how awesome Jay Ajayi has looked running the ball, I am not that confident that they can slow him down. And after another middling performance from Ryan Fitzpatrick, I am lacking in confidence in that New York offense.
Dolphins 21 Jets 20

Jaguars (2-5) vs. Chiefs (5-2) - CBS, 1:00
Jacksonville Jaguars (2013 - Pres)Kansas City Chiefs (1972 - Pres)
The Jaguars really looked terrible on Thursday night against the Titans at home and it is becoming time to where Gus Bradley should get his ass canned. I just have no confidence in them period, and especially not as they go to Arrowhead as they take on a pretty solid Kansas City club.
Chiefs 27 Jaguars 13

Cowboys (6-1) vs. Browns (0-8) - Fox, 1:00
Cleveland Browns (1992 - 2005)
At least the Browns appear to be getting closer to that elusive first victory but it was disconcerting to see them fall apart the way they did against a bad Jets team. They'll get another chance here but I don't see them being able to slow down the Dallas offense enough to pull the upset. Dallas is my Lock of the Week.
Cowboys 24 Browns 10

Steelers (4-3) vs. Ravens (3-4) - CBS, 1:00
Baltimore Ravens (1999 - Pres)
While there is a chance that Ben Roethlisberger will be able to go on Sunday, at this point we just do not know. The Ravens aren't particularly good but the Steelers starting Landry Jones is frankly bad news for them. I do think the Steelers are the better team but the gap from Roethlisberger to Jones is just that large to where I think unless the former is able to play, Baltimore will get a key victory here.
Ravens 17 Steelers 14

Saints (3-4) vs. 49ers (1-6) - Fox, 4:05
New Orleans Saints (1976 - 1984)San Francisco 49ers (1946 - 1967)
Clearly the season is over for the 49ers after they followed up the season-opening win over the Rams with six straight losses. They haven't had a game within one score in a month to boot. They'll get to host the Saints as they are playing some good football in late, having won three of their last four. Considering that the 49ers have the weakest scoring defense in the NFL, that does not bode particularly well against the second-highest scoring offense.
Saints 30 49ers 20

Panthers (2-5) vs. Rams (3-4) - Fox, 4:05
Carolina Panthers (2012 - Pres)Los Angeles Rams (2016 - Pres)
Could there be some life for the Panthers now? They did look pretty good offensively yet again while the defense made enough plays to take out the Cardinals at home. The Rams continue to be awful offensively and thus that limits them as a team, leaving too much pressure on their defense to keep them in games. I think Carolina will get another key win over an NFC West squad right here.
Panthers 27 Rams 20

Colts (3-5) vs. Packers (4-3) - CBS, 4:25
Indianapolis Colts (1984 - 2001)Green Bay Packers (1961 - 1979)
It would have been nice for the Packers to have gone to Atlanta and get the win but of course, that didn't happen. They do get to return home and take on the Colts, a team that looked terrible on Sunday at home against the Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers played well against the Falcons and there is no reason why he should not torch one of the worst defenses in the NFL.
Packers 35 Colts 24

Titans (4-4) vs. Chargers (3-5) - CBS, 4:25
Tennessee Titans (1999 - Pres)San Diego Chargers (1988 - 2001)
This should be a good one as both clubs have been rather competitive in all or just about all of their games thus far this season. It also is a quality matchup of one of the best rushing teams in the NFL (Tennessee) and one of the best passing teams in the NFL (San Diego). Tennessee is a little bit better on the defensive end and that should be the difference here on the road.
Titans 24 Chargers 23

Broncos (6-2) vs. Raiders (6-2) - NBC, 8:30
Denver Broncos (1970 - 1992)Oakland Raiders (1995 - Pres)
This game will have the feeling like few have had in the Black Hole in recent years as this is a huge contest in the AFC West divisional race. Every game is a matchup of offense and against defense and that will certainly be the case here in terms of Oakland's excellent offense and Denver's excellent defense. I do think that Derek Carr will find some success throwing the ball down the field while Oakland's porous defense will hold up just enough.
Raiders 31 Broncos 28

Monday, November 7th
Bills (4-4) vs. Seahawks (4-2-1) - ESPN, 8:30
Buffalo Bills (1970 - 1973)Seattle Seahawks (1976 - 2001)
The Bills and Seahawks don't exactly have the finest offenses in the NFL as they rank 24th and 23rd offensively in the league but while the Bills are scoring (8th in the league per-game), the Seahawks are not allowing much scoring (2nd in the league). It's probably a cop-out but I think the difference here will be this game being played in the Emerald City and that'll carry the Seahawks to victory.
Seahawks 19 Bills 13

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  1. Hi Ben

    I think there are a couple of potential blow-outs this week and my LOTW is KC over the Jags by 17+. Let's see how the Fins cope with the Jets rush D. If Miami actually win this match-up they may end up attaining a winning record - something unthinkable after the Tennessee debacle.