16 November 2016

2016 NFL Predictions: Week 11

We have arrived at Week 11 of this NFL campaign and thus as the playoff picture continues to shape up, here are my predictions for this week.

Last Week: 8-6
2016: 85-62
Locks: 7-3

Thursday, November 17th
Saints (4-5) vs. Panthers (3-6) - NFL Network, 8:25
New Orleans Saints (2000 - Pres)Carolina Panthers (2012 - Pres)
The Saints' loss to the Broncos at home this past Sunday was controversial and it certainly hurt as they are trying to rebound from that 0-3 start to get into the playoffs. Meanwhile, they'll head to Charlotte to take on a Carolina squad that has been playing better football but also suffered a tough loss at home against Kansas City. I think you'll see a big performance from Cam Newton here and will be the difference. 
Panthers 31 Saints 30

Sunday, November 20th
Steelers (4-5) vs. Browns (0-10) - CBS, 1:00
Pittsburgh Steelers (2002 - Pres)Cleveland Browns (2015 - Pres)
There is no question that the Steelers have a lot of problems right now as they have lost four games in a row and their defense has not looked good at all. Therefore, they could be vulnerable here going to Cleveland in a rivalry game that has produced a number of head-scratchers over the years. That said, I just don't see the Browns mustering enough defense to keep the Steelers' offensive stars at bays. 
Steelers 30 Browns 13

Ravens (5-4) vs. Cowboys (8-1) - CBS, 1:00
Baltimore Ravens (1999 - Pres)Dallas Cowboys (1964 - Pres)
There is no team in football that is hotter at the moment that the Dallas Cowboys as they have won eight straight since losing their opener to the Giants at home. We all know about the offense led by rookies Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott but I think their defense, which has been better than expected, has helped the cause as well. Speaking of defense, the Ravens have statistically the best defense in the league at the moment but I don't think on the road, they will be able to slow down the so-called America's Team.
Cowboys 21 Ravens 10

Jaguars (2-7) vs. Lions (5-4) - CBS, 1:00
Jacksonville Jaguars (2013 - Pres)Detroit Lions (1970 - 2002)
Among many things disappointing about the Jaguars is that their defense, which has been god awful for years, has actually played pretty well this season and it has been wasted by a mess of an offense. Detroit isn't particularly good (they've allowed more yards defensively than offensively) but they do crank out wins and particularly so at home. 
Lions 17 Jaguars 13

Titans (5-5) vs. Colts (4-5) - CBS, 1:00
Tennessee Titans (1999 - Pres)Indianapolis Colts (1984 - 2001)
The last teams these teams were in action, they defeated the Packers so that's nice. I was very impressed with the offensive display of the Titans this past Sunday and particularly that of Marcus Mariota and he cranked out his sixth-straight game with multiple passing touchdowns. I'm higher on them than I am with the Colts and with the Colts' porous defense, I think Tennessee will get a key road win. 
Titans 24 Colts 21

Bills (4-5) vs. Bengals (3-5-1) - Fox, 1:00
Buffalo Bills (1974 - Pres)Cincinnati Bengals (1997 - Pres)
It wasn't that long ago that the Bills were rolling but now they have lost three games in a row, albeit they have been competitive in losses against the Dolphins and the Seahawks on the road. Meanwhile, the Bengals have just been bizarre to watch as they really should be better than 3-5-1. I think that even in a loss, their performance in Seattle I think gave them some confidence and they can go to Cincinnati and get the win. 
Bills 19 Bengals 16

Buccaneers (4-5) vs. Chiefs (7-2) - Fox, 1:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014 - Pres)Kansas City Chiefs (1972 - Pres)
Tampa Bay looked pretty good on Sunday against the Bears, but granted, the Bears also looked terrible and are terrible. They will get to go to Arrowhead and take on a Kansas City team that has won five games in a row and look good, albeit maybe not great. They do a decent job in preventing yardage but they are very good at keeping teams off the scoreboard. That'll continue here.
Chiefs 16 Buccaneers 9

Bears (2-7) vs. Giants (6-3) - Fox, 1:00
Chicago Bears (1974 - Pres)New York Giants (2000 - Pres)
The Bears, as we all know, are really bad and they followed up a surprising Monday night victory over the Vikings with a joke of a performance against the Buccaneers. And going up against a New York team that has won four games in a row and is playing good football at the moment, particularly on the defensive end, I'm not that optimistic for them.
Giants 28 Bears 10

Cardinals (4-4-1) vs. Vikings (5-4) - Fox, 1:00
Arizona Cardinals (1994 - 2004)Minnesota Vikings (1998 - Pres)
Two of the league's finest defenses will do battle here in Minneapolis so if you like defense, you know where to turn. The Vikings need to turn things around because they have now lost four games in a row as the offense has really taken a turn for the worse, particularly so along the offensive line. It is a serious problem and I think it is one that the Cardinals will exploit to their benefit.
Cardinals 14 Vikings 12

Dolphins (5-4) vs. Rams (4-5) - Fox, 4:05
Miami Dolphins (1997 - 2012)Los Angeles Rams (2016 - Pres)
The Dolphins have roared out of nowhere to win four games in a row and to get into the postseason mix in the AFC but they will have an interesting test here. Los Angeles will finally be starting top overall pick Jared Goff and we aren't really sure what to expect from him but we do know that the LA defense will keep them in just about any game. That said, that offense is so bad that will make this a little tough to take out Miami.
Dolphins 23 Rams 17

Patriots (7-2) vs. 49ers (1-8) - CBS, 4:25
Boston Patriots (1965 - 1970)San Francisco 49ers (1996 - 2008)
New England suffered a tough loss at home against the Seahawks on Sunday evening and they will come back and take it out on the 49ers. San Francisco did play competitively against the Cardinals but their defense is still terrible. I have no confidence that they could pull off an upset here, even if in Santa Clara, against the Patriots. New England is my Lock of the Week.
Patriots 35 49ers 10

Eagles (5-4) vs. Seahawks (6-2-1) - CBS, 4:25
Philadelphia Eagles (1996 - Pres)Seattle Seahawks (2002 - 2011)
After the disgraceful tie against the Cardinals and the disappointing loss in New Orleans, Seattle has roared back with two straight strong victories with a quality win in a thriller against the Bills and going to Foxborough and upsetting the Patriots. Meanwhile, the Eagles bounced back after two straight tough NFC East losses with a solid, physical win over the Falcons on Sunday. But they have only won once on the road this season and that came back in September against the Bears and I'm not feeling a road upset here. 
Seahawks 28 Eagles 20

Packers (4-5) vs. Washington (5-3-1) - NBC, 8:30
Green Bay Packers (1980 - Pres)Washington Redskins (1965 - 1969)
The Packers are lucky that the rest of the NFC North is a mess because they have been awful of late. Getting blown out in Nashville after losing to the Colts at home is frankly inexcusable. Mike McCarthy is probably coaching for his tenure down the stretch but I'm just not optimistic. They haven't done anything of late that would make me think that they could go to Landover and take on a solid Washington club so consider this another L.
Washington 30 Packers 24

Monday, November 21st
Texans (6-3) vs. Raiders (7-2) - Mexico City - ESPN, 8:30
Houston Texans (2002 - Pres)Oakland Raiders (1995 - Pres)
Quality games have become a rarity on Monday nights of late but this should be one worth watching between two division leaders (granted, Oakland is tied for the AFC West lead) at the iconic Estadio Azteca. One cannot dismiss how bad the Raiders are on defense but one cannot also dismiss how good the Raiders are on offense, which makes them a fun team to watch. Houston's offense just is not good enough to take advantage of that Oakland defense. 
Raiders 31 Texans 23


  1. Ben 1 little minor thing you left off in the picks wasn't a pick was the TV listing for TNF it's also on NBC for their 1st of 5 game on that network not counting turkey day as you well know good sir

  2. Hi Ben
    I was gutted my LOTW panned when the Broncos did a number on the Saints but I am confident the G-Men will take out the Bears without too much hassle. For the Fins to win in LA our running game needs to be back where it was a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Your lock of the week should be the Packers. Remember when they entered the Wild Card playoff game last year in a mess and everybody wrote them off? They punked the Redskins big time. Expect more of the same this Sunday night. Just when people start to bury them is when Rodgers and company right the ship.

    1. Ben's lock of the week is perfect he wouldn't wanna pick a lock of the week to a game that will be neck n neck to the end