27 November 2016

2016 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 13

Week 13 in the NFL will bring the doubleheader to Fox Sports. Your early slate features action in Chicago, Cincinnati, Foxborough and New Orleans while your late games are in Glendale, San Diego and Pittsburgh. Which games will you be getting this week and who will be calling them? Let's find out for the NFL on Fox.

Fox NFL Schedule
506Sports Maps

Detroit Lions (1970 - 2002)New Orleans Saints (2000 - Pres)
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
Los Angeles Rams (2016 - Pres)New England Patriots (2000 - 2012)
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver
KSAZ - Phoenix, AZ
KMSB - Tucson, AZ
KECY - Yuma, AZ
KBFX - Bakersfield, CA
KTTV - Los Angeles, CA
KDFX - Palm Springs, CA
KSWB - San Diego, CA
KKFX - Santa Barbara, CA
KXRM - Colorado Springs, CO
KDVR - Denver, CO
KFQX - Grand Junction, CO
WTIC - Hartford, CT
WFTX - Fort Myers, FL
KHON - Honolulu, HI
KNIN - Boise, ID
KFXP - Pocatello, ID
KXTF - Twin Falls, ID
KTMJ - Topeka, KS
WFVX - Bangor, ME
WPFO - Portland, ME
WAGM-DT - Presque Isle, ME
WFXT - Boston, MA
WGGB-DT - Springfield, MA
KBSI - Cape Girardeau, MO
KQFX - Columbia, MO
KFJX – Joplin, MO
WDAF - Kansas City, MO
KRBK - Springfield, MO
KNPN - St. Joseph, MO
KTVI - St. Louis, MO
KWYB-DT2 - Butte, MT
KFBB-DT2 - Great Falls, MT
KHBB-DT2 - Helena, MT
KTMF-DT2 - Missoula, MT
KFXL - Lincoln, NE
K11TW - North Platte, NE
KPTM - Omaha, NE
KVVU - Las Vegas, NV
WXXA - Albany, NY
WICZ - Binghamton, NY
WUTV - Buffalo, NY
WYDC-DT - Elmira, NY
WNYW - New York, NY
WUHF - Rochester, NY
WSYT - Syracuse, NY
WFXV - Utica, NY
WNYF - Watertown, NY
KFXO - Bend, OR
KLSR - Eugene, OR
KPTV - Portland, OR
WNAC - Providence, RI
WJKT - Jackson, TN
WTNZ - Knoxville, TN
WZTV - Nashville, TN
WEMT – Tri-Cities, TN/VA
KSTU - Salt Lake City, UT
WFFF - Burlington, VT
KCPQ - Seattle, WA
KAYU - Spokane, WA
KFFX – Tri-Cities, WA
KFNB - Casper, WY
KLWY - Cheyenne, WY 
Philadelphia Eagles (1996 - Pres)Cincinnati Bengals (1997 - 2003)
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Peter Schrager
WTTG - Washington, DC
WBOC-DT - Salisbury, MD
KQDS - Duluth, MN
WNYW - New York, NY
KFYR - Bismarck, ND
KVRR - Fargo, ND
WXIX - Cincinnati, OH
WJW - Cleveland, OH
WTTE - Columbus, OH
WRGT - Dayton, OH
WOHL-DT - Lima, OH
WYFX - Youngstown, OH
WWCP - Altoona, PA
WFXP - Erie, PA
WPMT - Harrisburg, PA
WTXF - Philadelphia, PA
WPGH - Pittsburgh, PA
WOLF - Scranton, PA
WEMT – Tri-Cities, TN/VA
WVNS-DT2 - Beckley, WV
WVAH - Charleston, WV
WVFX - Clarksburg, WV
WOVA - Parkersburg, WV
WTRF-DT - Wheeling, WV
San Francisco 49ers (1996 - 2008)Chicago Bears (1974 - Pres)
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin
KCVU - Chico, CA
KBVU - Eureka, CA
KMPH - Fresno, CA
KCBA - Monterey, CA
KTVU - Oakland, CA
KTXL - Sacramento, CA
KFXA - Cedar Rapids, IA
KDSM - Des Moines, IA
KYOU - Ottumwa, IA
WFLD - Chicago, IL
WYZZ - Peoria, IL
WGEM-DT - Quincy, IL
WQRF - Rockford, IL
WRSP - Springfield, IL
KLJB – Quad Cities, IL/IA
WEVV-DT - Evansville, IN
WISE-DT - Fort Wayne, IN
WXIN - Indianapolis, IN
WSJV - South Bend, IN
WTHI-DT - Terre Haute, IN
KRXI - Reno, NV
KMVU - Medford, OR

No Game
WFOX - Jacksonville, FL
WAGA - Atlanta, GA
WBFF - Baltimore, MD
WLUK - Green Bay, WI

New York Giants (2000 - Pres)Pittsburgh Steelers (1969 - 2001)
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews
Washington Redskins (1965 - 1969)Arizona Cardinals (2005 - Pres)
Dick Stockton, Chris Spielman, Kristina Pink
KSAZ - Phoenix, AZ
KMSB - Tucson, AZ
KECY - Yuma, AZ
WTTG - Washington, DC
WBFF - Baltimore, MD
WBOC-DT - Salisbury, MD
WAHU - Charlottesville, VA
WHSV-DT  - Harrisonburg, VA
WRLH - Richmond, VA
WFXR - Roanoke, VA
WVBT - Virginia Beach, VA
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014 - Pres)San Diego Chargers (1961 - 1973)
Sam Rosen, David Diehl, Holly Sonders
KSWB - San Diego, CA
WFTX - Fort Myers, FL
WFOX - Jacksonville, FL
WOGX - Ocala, FL
WOFL - Orlando, FL
WPGX - Panama City, FL
WLTH - Tallahassee, FL
WTVT - Tampa, FL

No Game
KTVU - San Francisco, CA

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  1. Chris Myers & Ronde Barber tapped for Lions/Saints.

  2. yuck dumb hotel dancing blonde getting a game i have to sit thru again. yuck

  3. Why in gods name is the Kenny Albert crew doing Bears-49ers? It's not even like Fox has bad games this week.

    1. I live in Chicago, and I'm surprised that Kenny Albert, Daryl "Moose" Johnston & Laura Okmin got saddled with 49ers/Bears this Sunday on the "NFL on FOX". I thought 49ers/Bears had either Dick Stockton, Chris Spielman & Kristina Pink or Sam Rosen, Dave Diehl & Holly Sonders' names written all over it. When you are as bad at football as the 49ers & Bears are, Albert, Johnston & Okmin deserve a much better game.

    2. I agree, Albert and Johnston called the Bucs/Seahawks game last week which was surprisingly worth watching to me as a Bucs fan. In my opinion, they should call the Bucs/Chargers game in San Diego. Nobody will be watching the 49ers/Bears game unless you're a die-hard 49ers or Bears fan. Dick Stockton, Chris Spielman & Kristina Pink or Sam Rosen, Dave Diehl & Holly Sonders should be calling that game.

  4. Ok, I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but this week's announcer assignments makes absolutely NO sense to me at all besides Giants-Steelers. Like why would FOX assign their #3 crew to a game with two of the worst teams playing each other (49ers-Bears) when there's clearly better options? I think this week should be something like this:

    Rams-Patriots: Burkhardt/Lynch
    Lions-Saints: Kenny/Moose
    Eagles-Bengals: Stockton/Spielman
    49ers-Bears: Rosen/Diehl

    Giants-Steelers: Buck/Aikman
    Redskins-Cardinals: Myers/Barber
    Bucs-Chargers: Brennaman/Diehl

    1. sometimes it's more about the markets the game is reaching and announcer availability than the record of the two teams, also alot of decisions on teams calling games are decided weeks in advance, so that flights and travel accommodations and such can be booked.

      For example, The 49ers-Bears game is being televised in the Bay Area, Chicago and Vegas. Where the two alternate 4pm games for Fox are only being televised in a small number of markets because everyone else is getting The Giants-Steelers Game.

    2. For Week 13 announcing pairings only.

      1. Joe Buck-Troy Aikman-Erin Andrews
      2. Kevin Burkhardt-John Lynch-Pam Oliver
      3. Chris Myers-Ronde Barber-Jennifer Hale
      4. Dick Stockton-Chris Spielman-Kristina Pink
      5. Thom Brennan-Charles Davis-Peter Schrager
      6. Sam Rosen-David Diehl-Holly Sonders
      7. Kenny Albert-Daryl Johnston-Laura Okmin

  5. Eagles-Bengals would be of more interest in NY market that Rams against the Brady Bunch.

    1. And that's why that game is airing in NY.

    2. Rams-Bradys aired in NY, not Eagles-Bengals. Would've been more entertaining to watch Birds get blasted.

  6. Chris Myers is also the Sideline Reporter for Fox coverage of PAC-12 Championship Game with Joe Davis, Brady Quinn and Jenny Taft, Big 10 Championship Game with Gus Johnson, Joel Klatt and Shannon Spake.

    1. Where is this coming from other than Wikipedia because none of the game notes for any of those teams say that