21 November 2016

2016 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 12

It is Week 12 and that means football on Thanksgiving. Our friends at Fox Sports will be celebrating in Arlington this Thursday and then, they get to follow it up with the singleheader on Sunday. Teams in action this week on Fox include Washington and Dallas on Thursday and then the Browns, Buccaneers, Cardinals Dolphins, Falcons, 49ers, Giants, Rams, Saints and Seahawks are in action on Sunday.

Which game will you be getting on your local Fox affiliate and who will be calling it? Let's find out for this week on the NFL on Fox.

Fox NFL Schedule
506Sports Maps

Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 24th - 4:30
Washington Redskins (2004 - 2008)Dallas Cowboys (1964 - Pres)
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews, Chris Myers

Sunday, November 27th - 1:00
Phoenix Cardinals (1988 - 1993)Atlanta Falcons (1966 - 1989)
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch
WBRC - Birmingham, AL
WDFX - Dothan, AL
WZDK - Huntsville, AL
WCOV - Montgomery, AL
KSAZ - Phoenix, AZ
KMSB - Tucson, AZ
KECY - Yuma, AZ
KFQX - Grand Junction, CO
WFXL - Albany, GA
WAGA - Atlanta, GA
WFXG - Augusta, GA
WXTX - Columbus, GA
WGXA - Macon, GA
WTGS - Savannah, GA
WRSP - Springfield, IL
WEVV-DT - Evansville, IN
WISE-DT - Fort Wayne, IN
WXIN - Indianapolis, IN
KFXA - Cedar Rapids, IA
KDSM - Des Moines, IA
WDRB - Louisville, KY
WSMH - Flint, MI
WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI
KQDS - Duluth, MN
KMSP - Minneapolis, MN
KFJX – Joplin, MO
KRBK - Springfield, MO
KTVI - St. Louis, MO
WJZY - Charlotte, NC
WGHP - Greensboro, NC
WFXI - Morehead City, NC
WRAZ - Raleigh, NC
WSFX - Wilmington, NC
KNDX - Bismarck, ND
KVRR - Fargo, ND
WTAT - Charleston, SC
WACH - Columbia, SC
WHNS - Greenville, SC
WFXB - Myrtle Beach, SC
KEVN - Rapid City, SD
KTTW - Sioux Falls, SD
WTVC - Chattanooga, TN
WTNZ - Knoxville, TN
WEMT - Tri Cities, TN/VA

WLUK - Green Bay, WI
WLAX - La Crosse, WI
WZAW - Wausau, WI
New York Giants (1976 - 1999)Cleveland Browns (1959 - 1969)
Dick Stockton, Matt Millen, Peter Schrager
KJNB - Jonesboro, AR
WTIC - Hartford, CT
WTTG - Washington, DC
WFVX - Bangor, ME
WPFO - Portland, ME
WAGM-DT - Presque Isle, ME
WBOC-DT - Salisbury, MD
WFXT - Boston, MA
WGGB-DT - Springfield, MA
WXXA - Albany, NY
WICZ - Binghamton, NY
WYDC-DT - Elmira, NY
WNYW - New York, NY
WUHF - Rochester, NY
WSYT - Syracuse, NY
WFXV - Utica, NY
WNYF - Watertown, NY
WJW - Cleveland, OH
WTTE - Columbus, OH
WRGT - Dayton, OH
WOHL-DT - Lima, OH
WUPW - Toledo, OH
WYFX - Youngstown, OH
WWCP - Altoona, PA
WFXP - Erie, PA
WPMT - Harrisburg, PA
WTXF - Philadelphia, PA
WPGH - Pittsburgh, PA
WOLF - Scranton, PA
WNAC - Providence, RI
KFXV - McAllen, TX
WFFF - Burlington, VT
WAHU - Charlottesville, VA
WHSV-DT  - Harrisonburg, VA
WRLH - Richmond, VA
WFXR - Roanoke, VA
WVBT - Virginia Beach, VA
WVNS-DT - Beckley, WV
WVAH - Charleston, WV
WVFX - Clarksburg, WV
WOVA - Parkersburg, WV
WTRF-DT - Wheeling, WV
Los Angeles Rams (1989 - 1994)New Orleans Saints (1976 - 1999)
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
WALA - Mobile, AL
KTTV - Los Angeles, CA
KDFX - Palm Springs, CA
WNTZ - Alexandria, LA
WGMB - Baton Rouge, LA
KADN - Lafayette, LA
KVHP - Lake Charles, LA
KARD - Monroe, LA
WVUE - New Orleans, LA
KMSS - Shreveport, LA
WXXV - Biloxi, MS
WABG-DT - Greenville, MS
WHPM - Hattiesburg, MS
WDBD - Jackson, MS
WGBC-DT - Meridian, MS
WLOV - Tupelo, MS

San Francisco 49ers (1968 - 1995)Miami Dolphins (1974 - 1989)
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Chris Spielman, Holly Sonders
KCVU - Chico, CA
KBVU - Eureka , CA
KMPH - Fresno, CA
KCBA - Monterey, CA
KTVU - Oakland, CA
KTXL - Sacramento, CA
WSVN - Miami, FL
WFLX - West Palm Beach, FL
KRXI - Reno, NV

Seattle Seahawks (1976 - 2001)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976 - 1996)
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin

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  1. I must say that I am surprised that Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis will be announcing 49ers-Dolphins. I thought that either Chris Myers and Ronde Barber or Dick Stockton would announce that matchup considering how poor the 49ers record is. Although the Myers-Barber team have already announced four 49ers games this season, so I wonder if that had anything to do with this.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I don't think the Niners' poor record had anything to do with Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Chris Spielman & Holly Sonders getting the 49ers/Dolphins' assignment in Miami. Then again, I thought they'd get Giants/Browns in Cleveland instead, but Dick Stockton, Matt Millen & Peter Schrager got that "NFL on FOX" assignment instead. That game in the 3:05P (CT) window with Seahawks/Buccaneers in Tampa with Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston & Laura Okmin calling it could be sneaky good Sunday.

  4. I'm probably missing it, but I don't see San Francisco listed


    I agree and I thought that Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis would announce Giants-Browns, and that Dick Stockton and Matt Millen, or Chris Myers and Ronde Barber would announce 49ers-Dolphins, with the other announcer pairing covering Rams-Saints with all of the other announcing assignments remaining the same. I agree that Seahawks-Buccaneers could be a good late game on Sunday. Lastly, I know this is a common complaint of west coast teams playing games in the eastern or central time zone at 1:00 PM EST, and I think it would have helped if one of Cardinals-Falcons, 49ers-Dolphins, or Rams-Saints was scheduled for 4:05 PM EST, along with Seahawks-Buccaneers. I assume that Seahawks-Buccaneers was scheduled at 4:05 PM EST with consideration to Tampa's weather, but it couldn't have hurt to have scheduled one of those previously mentioned games at 4:05 PM EST to help one of the other NFC West teams traveling east.

  6. What I've noticed is that there aren't as many late games, regardless if the games are at 3:05P (CT) Sunday such as Seahawks/Buccaneers or if it's 3:25P (CT) such as Panthers/Raiders & the NFL putting Patriots/Jets in that time slot flexing Chiefs/Broncos for "Sunday Night Football". I've noticed a lot of Noon (CT) kickoffs on NFL Sundays. I understand that CBS & FOX respectively are spending a lot of money to carry these broadcasts, but I wish there was a more balanced schedule every single week.

  7. Some of the broadcast selections are done based on travel, because Thanksgiving is a big travel weekend, some broadcasters with seniority may have been given assignments that make travel to their game easier for them.

  8. I am surprised that the FOX Dallas affiliate didn't choose the 1pm Giant game although it did go up against the Texans game directly.

  9. hate holly sanders. another fox blonde hired because their executives prefer dumb women over intelligent men.