24 October 2016

2016 World Series Predictions

The 2016 World Series kicks off on Tuesday night and when you factor in one team not having won a championship in 68 years, and the other having not won a championship in 108 years, it is safe to say that anticipation is high for this year's Fall Classic. So with that in mind, who will become the champions of baseball this year? Here are the B-Flo 360 predictions.

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Cleveland Indians (1921 - 1927)Chicago Cubs (1946 - 1947)

It is tough for me to pick against the Indians here. After all, I picked them to lose to the Red Sox in the ALDS, and they won. Then I picked them to lose to the Blue Jays in the ALCS, and they won. So they say the third time's the charm, but I'm not necessarily sure it would need to come to that. After all, even with some injuries to their pitching rotation, their pitching has been red hot and especially their bullpen which has been fire. Find me a better reliever than Andrew Miller right now. Their offense has been solid this postseason but it has been their pitching that has got them here.

And yet even if you ignore the historical nature of this for the Cubs, I still find it hard to pick against them as I do believe they are still the best team in baseball. Their lineup is the best in the major leagues right now. The top of their rotation is tremendous with Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks (who was magnificent on Saturday night). And even their bullpen has been relatively solidified and Aroldis Chapman is throwing gas and nothing less.

Cleveland may have the homefield advantage but I still have to stick with the Cubs, they just have too much.
Cubs in 6


  1. It's Cubbie time. FOX should get some solid ratings for this match-up.

    1. For agreeing with Ben that the Cubs will win or for opining that FOX will get solid ratings out of curiosity to see whether the hoodoo gets broken?