23 October 2016

2016 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 8

Leave behind your traditional doubleheaders as Fox Sports will get to broadcast a rare tripleheader this Sunday. The action commences in the morning from London and then you have got afternoon games from Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston and New Orleans. Which games are you getting and who will be calling them? Let's find out for this week on the NFL on Fox.

Fox NFL Schedule
506Sports Maps

9:30 am
Washington Redskins (1965 - 1969)Cincinnati Bengals (2004 - Pres)
Kenny Albert, John Lynch, Pam Oliver

Seattle Seahawks (2002 - 2011)New Orleans Saints (1985 - 1999)
Justin Kutcher, Charles Davis, Chris Spielman, Holly Sonders
Detroit Lions (2009 - Pres)Houston Texans (2002 - Pres)
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
WFOX - Jacksonville, FL
WFLD - Chicago, IL
WYZZ - Peoria, IL
WGEM-DT - Quincy, IL
WQRF - Rockford, IL
WRSP - Springfield, IL
KLJB – Quad Cities, IL/IA
WEVV-DT - Evansville, IN
WISE-DT - Fort Wayne, IN
WSJV - South Bend, IN
WTHI-DT - Terre Haute, IN
KFXA - Cedar Rapids, IA
KDSM - Des Moines, IA
KYOU - Ottumwa, IA
KFXA - Sioux City, IA
WBKB-DT2 - Alpena, MI
WFQX - Cadillac, MI
WJBK - Detroit, MI
WSMH - Flint, MI
WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI
WSYM - Lansing, MI
WLUC-DT2 - Marquette, MI
KQDS - Duluth, MN
KEYC-DT - Mankato, MN
KMSP - Minneapolis, MN
KXLT - Rochester, MN
KNDX - Bismarck, ND
KVRR - Fargo, ND
WUPW - Toledo, OH
WFXP - Erie, PA
KEVN - Rapid City, SD
KTTW - Sioux Falls, SD
WZTV - Nashville, TN
KXVA - Abilene, TX
KCIT - Amarillo, TX
KTBC - Austin, TX
KBTV - Beaumont, TX
KUQI - Corpus Christi, TX
KDFW - Dallas, TX
KRIV - Houston, TX
KXOF - Laredo, TX
KJTV - Lubbock, TX
KFXV - McAllen, TX
KPEJ - Odessa, TX
KIDY - San Angelo, TX
KABB - San Antonio, TX
KXII-DT - Sherman, TX
KFXK - Tyler, TX
KWKT - Waco, TX
KJTL - Wichita Falls, TX
WEUX - Eau Claire, WI
WLUK - Green Bay, WI
WLAX - La Crosse, WI
WMSN - Madison, WI
WITI - Milwaukee, WI
WZAW - Wausau, WI
Arizona Cardinals (1994 - 2004)Carolina Panthers (2012 - Pres)
Sam Rosen, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin
KSAZ - Phoenix, AZ
KMSB - Tucson, AZ
KECY - Yuma, AZ
WJZY - Charlotte, NC
WGHP - High Point, NC
WFXI - Greenville, NC
WRAZ - Raleigh, NC
WDFX - Wilmington, NC
WTAT - Charleston, SC
WACH - Columbia, SC
WHNS - Greenville, SC
WFXB - Myrtle Beach, SC
WDSI - Chattanooga, TN
WTNZ - Knoxville, TN
WEMT - Tri-Cities, TN
WFXR - Roanoke, VA

No Game
WTVT - Tampa, FL
WXIN - Indianapolis, IN
WUTV - Buffalo, NY
WJW - Cleveland, OH

Green Bay Packers (1959 - Pres)Atlanta Falcons (2003 - Pres)
Thom Brennaman, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews

No Game
KDVR - Denver, CO

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  1. Nice to see an up and comer like Kutcher get the primary 1pm game. But lets face it. We all win when Buck isn't listed.

    1. Well, it's the last weekend of field promotions, for lack of a better term, involving a few "NFL on FOX" crews. Not only will Justin Kutcher work the Seahawks/Saints' game in New Orleans with Charles Davis & Chris Spielman in the booth, I noticed Holly Sonders will be the sideline reporter for that game. Where I'm at, we'll get Redskins/Bengals in London, followed by Lions/Texans & Packers/Falcons leading into Indians/Cubs World Series Game 5 Sunday night. FOX has a huge sports Sunday day...and night.

  2. Joe Buck is calling the World Series following the 4:25 pm kickoffs. 4:25 pm kickoffs serve as a lead-in to World Series.

  3. Fox has the worst announcing teams, with the exception of Burkhardt and Lynch, which should be the one team. Their score box is so bad and the quality of the broadcast does not compare at all to CBS. Someone needs to tell Charles Davis, who failed as a NFL player to stop talking so much during a game, as he calls a bad game. Gus Johnson should be moved to one of the top NFL on FOX teams along with Tim Brando and Spencer Tillman as their talents are being wasted calling sub-par college games for FOX and are better than the current announcing lineup FOX has for the NFL.

  4. Totally agree with the last comment. The score box is so small and awful and no sound effects like CBS used to have when a touchdown is scored and FOX needs to keep their football announcers to football as it is so odd during the baseball season most of their play by play announcers are doing world series games. Fox produces a bad football product.

  5. I disagree! I would take the Fox crews over CBS even though I they have some good ones too. Joe Buck, Sam Rosen, Dick Stockton, Kenny Albert voices and call skills are top of the line among others. Burkhardt and Brenamen have the voice but a little bias at times. As far as CBS, Kevin Harlen is awesome!! Gus Johnson needs to come back too, probably one of the most energetic play by play guys I've heard. As far as the score box, Fox shows u everything u need with less of the screen being covered...I like that!

  6. I have to disagree! I have to say that Stockton needs to retire, Albert is boring. Brenamen sounds like Sam Rosen and they do not have the depth at announcer that CBS does. The score box sucks. Too small, and looks out of a bad 1980's video game. CBS has had the best graphics and score boxes over the years, shows the teams logos, great sound effects after a touchdown. Fox is just very bad and Burkhardt and Lynch is by far their best team. Fox simply does not have the talent that CBS has or the depth in its lower teams that CBS has. Give me Eagle, Gumbel, Harlan and Dedes any day over Brenamen, Albert, Stockton (who should retire already) or Rosen.

  7. Like most of you I agree that CBS generally has the stronger crews. Harlan is a class act as PBP. That said I do like Burkhardt and Chris Meyers as they add charisma and personality to their descriptions (unlike Kenny Albert who adds nothing to nothing). As for the graphics FOX seems to have run out of ideas having revolutionised score boxes in baseball and football in the 90s. Then again perhaps there is only so much one can do with graphics... it's really up to the PBPs to keep their audience entertained during games.

  8. The graphics for FOX even in the 1990's were bad CBS has had better graphics starting in the early 2000's and especially when a team scores with the sound effects when a team scores a touchdown. Even in HD with glasses on you cannot see their score box and while it is the announcers job to keep the audience entertained, no one on Fox does that like CBS and graphics really do go a long way to help the audience understand and enjoy watching the game.