02 October 2016

2016 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 5

The NFL on Fox will have the regional singleheader with only four games in the mix for Week 5. Those games will be in Baltimore, Denver, Detroit and Indianapolis. Read on to find out which game you will be getting and who will be calling this Sunday on Fox Sports.

Fox NFL Schedule
506Sports Maps

Chicago Bears (1999 - Pres)Indianapolis Colts (2002 - Pres)
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews
WFLD - Chicago, IL
WYZZ - Peoria, IL
WGEM-DT - Quincy, IL
WQRF - Rockford, IL
WRSP - Springfield, IL
KLJB – Quad Cities, IL/IA
WEVV-DT - Evansville, IN
WISE-DT - Fort Wayne, IN
WXIN - Indianapolis, IN
WSJV - South Bend, IN
WTHI-DT - Terre Haute, IN
KFXA - Cedar Rapids, IA
KDSM - Des Moines, IA
KYOU - Ottumwa, IA
KFXA - Sioux City, IA
WBKO-DT - Bowling Green, KY
WDKY - Lexington, KY
WDRB - Louisville, KY
KQDS - Duluth, MN
KEYC-DT - Mankato, MN
KBSI - Cape Girardeau, MO
KQFX - Columbia, MO
KTVI - St. Louis, MO
KPTM - Omaha, NE
KTTW - Sioux Falls, SD
WEUX - Eau Claire, WI
WLUK - Green Bay, WI
WLAX - La Crosse, WI
WMSN - Madison, WI
WITI - Milwaukee, WI
WZAW - Wausau, WI
Philadelphia Eagles (1996 - Pres)Detroit Lions (1970 - 2002)
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Chris Spielman, Peter Schrager
KLRT - Little Rock, AR
KJNB - Jonesboro, AR
KBFX - Bakersfield, CA
KCVU - Chico, CA
KBVU - Eureka , CA
KMPH - Fresno, CA
KTTV - Los Angeles, CA
KCBA - Monterey, CA
KTVU - Oakland, CA
KDFX - Palm Springs, CA
KTXL - Sacramento, CA
KSWB - San Diego, CA
KKFX - Santa Barbara, CA
WFTX - Fort Myers, FL
WOGX - Ocala, FL
WOFL - Orlando, FL
WBKB-DT2 - Alpena, MI
WFQX - Cadillac, MI
WJBK - Detroit, MI
WSMH - Flint, MI
WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI
WSYM - Lansing, MI
WLUC-DT2 - Marquette, MI
KQDS - Duluth, MN
KXLT - Rochester, MN
WXXV - Biloxi, MS
KTVI - St. Louis, MO
WICZ - Binghamton, NY
WUTV - Buffalo, NY
WYDC-DT - Elmira, NY
WUHF - Rochester, NY
WSYT - Syracuse, NY
WFXV - Utica, NY
WNYF - Watertown, NY
KNDX - Bismarck, ND
KVRR - Fargo, ND
WUPW - Toledo, OH
KOKH - Oklahoma City, OK
KOKI - Tulsa, OK
WWCP - Altoona, PA
WFXP - Erie, PA
WPMT - Harrisburg, PA
WTXF - Philadelphia, PA
WOLF - Scranton, PA
WJKT - Jackson, TN
WHBQ - Memphis, TN
KXVA - Abilene, TX
KCIT - Amarillo, TX
KTBC - Austin, TX
KDFW - Dallas, TX
KFOX - El Paso, TX
KXOF - Laredo, TX
KJTV - Lubbock, TX
KFXV - McAllen, TX
KPEJ - Odessa, TX
KIDY - San Angelo, TX
KABB - San Antonio, TX
KXII-DT - Sherman, TX
KFXK - Tyler, TX
KWKT - Waco, TX
KJTL - Wichita Falls, TX
WEUX - Eau Claire, WI
WLUK - Green Bay, WI
WZAW - Wausau, WI
Washington Redskins (1965 - 1969)Baltimore Ravens (1999 - Pres)
Sam Rosen, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin
WTTG - Washington, DC
WBFF - Baltimore, MD
WBOC-DT - Salisbury, MD
WGHP - High Point, NC
WFXI - Greenville, NC
WRAZ - Raleigh, NC
WDFX - Wilmington, NC
WXIX - Cincinnati, OH
WRGT - Dayton, OH
WOHL-DT - Lima, OH
WYFX - Youngstown, OH
WFXB - Myrtle Beach, SC
WAHU - Charlottesville, VA
WHSV-DT  - Harrisonburg, VA
WRLH - Richmond, VA
WFXR - Roanoke, VA
WVBT - Virginia Beach, VA
WVNS-DT - Beckley, WV
WVAH - Charleston, WV
WVFX - Clarksburg, WV
WOVA - Parkersburg, WV
WTRF-DT - Wheeling, WV

Atlanta Falcons (2003 - Pres)Denver Broncos (1993 - 1996)
Chris Myers, John Lynch, Pam Oliver

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  1. B-Flo, has it been confirmed that Ronde and Jennifer will be in Denver? There's reports that Chris would be filling in for Kevin Burkhardt and work with John Lynch and Pam Oliver.

    1. That was a mistake, I assumed Myers would be with his normal crew and failed to put two and two together.

  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/EBASports/status/778962276799897600

    Kenny is off Week 5 because he's doing NLDS in an unknown series

    1. I have no clue what I am talking about because I just saw Kenny's Twitter feed I am going to bed now :( keep up the great work Ben will stop on by soon

    2. NLDS games on Fox are Friday & Saturday, he could probably call those games and then Sunday's NFL Game.

    3. Well something has to give now that Nats/Dodgers Game 2 has been PPD to Sunday at 1:08pm...unless Kenny Albert is going to be in two places at once! Wonder who has to make the change, MLB Network or Fox?

  3. houston tx which game we will have

  4. I find it unusual that Fox is allowed to designate a 4:05 game as 'Primary' during a singleheader week. Has this ever been done and wouldn't this detract from the double-header 4:30 games on CBS during what is now called 'Americas Game of the Week'.

    1. The game with the most distribution can definitely be at 4 (CBS's was this past week) but from my understanding, generally the guideline is that that game is under 50% distribution but I don't believe it is a formal rule.

  5. I'm assuming that Kenny Albert will do the LAD-WAS NLDS series on Fri & Sat and do WAS-BAL NFL game on Sun. Not from that area but imagine it's a easy commute for him to do both.

    1. Interstate 95 North will be the Fast Way from Washington, DC to Baltimore, Maryland.

  6. Sad that FOX appear to have nobody better than Kenny Albert for a NLDS match-up

  7. Hmmm...Joe Buck, Troy Aikman & Erin Andrews calling Bears/Colts Sunday in Indianapolis. I've gotta think Buck, John Smoltz & the bow-tie wearing Ken Rosenthal have a certain NLDS matchup on their radar come Friday night with the NL Wildcard winner facing the Cubs at Wrigley. Trying to put 2 and 2 together considering how close Chicago & Indianapolis are.

    1. FOX should switch Brennaman & Albert...keep Albert on NFL games & let Brennamen do double duty with NLDS & NFL. Brennamen use to call MLB playoffs on FOX (back in early 2000s when FOX networks had all playoffs) plus he's the regular PBP for the Reds so has been doing baseball all year.

    2. Not a huge fan of Brennamen but he IS a baseball PBP when all is said and done and he is certainly more apt than Albert.

    3. Just saw the baseball assignments. Buck isn't doing any! Maybe it is simply because of the networks involved (it is so impossible to keep track of who is televising what any longer). The question is begged then, wtf is Buck-Aikman doing Colts-Bears to the smallest of all audiences?

  8. Burkhardt will be in Denver.

  9. As someone alluded to above, the baseball assignment for Buck must have to do with his assignment to Colts-Bears. That worthless game is being shown in the smallest segment of the country of all the games, ironically- and yet Buck & Aikman are on it. I usually hate the 4:05 game- it is usually that dreaded game when your local team is playing at home and there is no alternate early game to watch. But in this case, it worked out very well- most are getting the Atlanta-Denver game, which is easily the most attractive game of the FOX slate. Wish it worked out that well every week.

    1. Just saw the MLB playoff assignments. No Buck anywhere to be found. Have no idea why then he would be doing Indy-Chicago.

    2. I was under the impression that Joe Buck would be on MLB Playoff duty with John Smoltz & Ken Rosenthal starting this weekend, but I noticed Matt Vasgersian's name instead pertaining to Giants/Cubs in the NLDS. I have to think that Buck, Smoltz & Rosenthal will work the NLCS & the World Series on either FOX or FS1, resulting in FOX Sports scrambling its "NFL on FOX" assignments the rest of October.

  10. Buck does not work DS and only works LCS and WS. It's been this way since the new TV rights for playoffs between TBS/FOX/FS1/MLBN. One rare occasion he did to DS was in 2014 for his beloved Cardinals. I hate this guy!

    1. I think it's very similar arrangement to what Jim Nantz does with CBS Sports' NCAA Basketball coverage once the NFL season ends. Although Nantz is technically the lead PBP for CBS' NCAA Basketball broadcasts, he doesn't call that many games. I think Joe Buck has a similar deal with FOX Sports in regards to the MLB. I've noticed in recent years, Buck has called more NFL games than MLB for FOX. This even though Buck is the lead PBP for BOTH leagues.

  11. Since Albert likely won't be available to call Redskins Ravens game due to game 2 of Dodgers Nationals postponed until tomorrow at 1pm who would fill in Dick Stockton or Justin Kutcher?

    1. It will be Sam Rosen whose filling in for Kenny Albert

  12. This much is for sure. Thom Brennaman will sub for Joe Buck starting next weekend. Brennaman will be field promoted, sort of speak, to work the big Cowboys/Packers' game that'll headline an "NFL on FOX" doubleheader next Sunday. Brennaman will call it with Troy Aikman & Erin Andrews. That'll be the plan for the next 3 Sundays.