11 October 2016

2016-17 NHL on NBC Announcers

The NHL returns this Wednesday and as you would expect, our friends at NBC Sports Group will be all over it, all season long. Let's take a look at the announcers that NBC Sports will be utilizing this season on the NHL on NBC.

NBC Schedule
NBCSN Schedule

Doc Emrick (lead)
Kenny Albert
Chris Cuthbert
John Forslund
Gord Miller

Eddie Olczyk (lead)
Pierre McGuire (lead)
Brian Boucher
Ray Ferraro
Joe Micheletti

Liam McHugh (lead host)
Keith Jones (lead analyst)
Mike Milbury (lead analyst)
Paul Burmeister (host)
Anson Carter (analyst)
Darren Dreger (insider)
Bob McKenzie (insider)
Jeremy Roenick (analyst)
Kathryn Tappen (host)



  1. How does Kenny Albert manage to pull off workin for fox and nbc

  2. That's a great question. I remember a couple of years ago, Kenny Albert worked BOTH NHL Conference Finals. No sooner did Albert & Joe Micheletti work the NHL Western Conference Final involving the Blackhawks & Kings for NBC Sports Group, he somehow worked the Rangers/Canadiens NHL Eastern Conference Final on ESPN Radio's New York station. That was 2014 when he pulled it off.

  3. Which would be fine if he actually contributed something substantial to the broadcast (like McEnroe does in tennis) but the fact is he is an audio Valium pill seemingly on a one-man mission to suck the ambience out of the most dynamic sports event he is at.

  4. What happenned to Brian Engbloom? I know he is on the Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasts on FOX Florida/SUN.

  5. Engblom (Lightning) & Strader (Stars) were taken off due to their home team commitments being full time.

  6. And don't forget sometimes Pierre will call games with Kenny Albert. Pierre sometimes calles games in 3 different series in the 2nd round.

  7. Could someone please tell me why you have Kenny Albert calling hockey games? He is terrible and it's awful to have to listen to him.

  8. I wish they could get Gary Thorne back, even if it's just for the playoffs. Also I can't stand Pierre McGuire. I hit the mute button whenever his stupid mono-tone voice tells me about where some player played pee-wee hockey while in grade school or where a players friend grew up in the same town of a coach of a player who scored a goal yesterday