10 October 2016

2016-17 Fox College Hoops Schedule

College basketball is right around the corner and to signify that point, we have our hands on the schedule for collegiate action on Fox. The big channel will carry a dozen games from the Big East and Pac-12 Conferences so let's take a look.


Saturday, December 10th
Utah vs. Xavier - 5:30 (Joe Davis, Jim Jackson)

Saturday, January 7th
Butlers vs. Georgetown - 12:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)

Saturday, January 14th
UConn vs. Georgetown - 12:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)

Saturday, January 21st
Providence vs. Villanova - 12:00 (Tim Brando, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)
Marquette vs. Creighton - 2:30 (Justin Kutcher, Nick Bahe)

Sunday, January 29th
Virginia vs. Villanova - 1:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)
Washington vs. Arizona - 3:30 (Kevin Burkhardt, Casey Jacobson, Kristina Pink)

Saturday, February 4th
Xavier vs. Creighton - 3:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)

Saturday, February 11th
Marquette vs. Georgetown - 12:00 (Tim Brando, Stephen Bardo, Lisa Byington)
Villanova vs. Xavier - 2:30 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)

Saturday, February 18th
Villanova vs. Seton Hall - 12:30 (Gus Johnson, Donny Marshall, Lisa Byington)
Colorado vs. Oregon - 3:00 (Aaron Goldsmith, Jim Jackson)

Saturday, February 25th
Creighton vs. Villanova - 3:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, LaChina Robinson)

Saturday, March 4th
Villanova vs. Georgetown - 12:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson)
Seton Hall vs. Butler - 2:30 (Joe Davis, Len Elmore)

Saturday, March 11th
Big East Tournament Final - 5:30 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Shannon Spake)

H/T Fox Sports


  1. Big East games again, mostly of course in conference and not out of conference games. So I guess I'm confused as to what is up with a single PAC-12 conference game between Colorado and Oregon?

    1. It's all based on what the contract says with network & conference for what they agreed to do

    2. The majority of PAC-12 games are on ESPN anyway

  2. your missing Washington at Arizona on this page which will be played 1-29-17 at 3:30pm est

  3. your also missing today's game 1/21/17 between Marquette at Creighton at 2:30pm est