18 October 2016

2016-17 CBS College Basketball Schedule

As always, CBS Sports will be leading us on the road to the Final Four as they will feature a hearty slate of college basketball action this season. 39 games are on tap and let's take a gander at which games they are.

Saturday, December 3rd
UCLA vs. Kentucky - 12:30 (Brad Nessler, Bill Raftery, John Schiffren)

Saturday, December 10th
Never Forget Tribute Classic
Notre Dame vs. Villanova - Newark - 12:00 (Carter Blackburn, Bill Raftery, Jon Rothstein)

Saturday, December 17th
Memphis vs. Oklahoma - 12:30 (Rich Waltz, Jim Spanarkel)
CBS Sports Classic
Ohio State vs. UCLA - Paradise, NV - 3:00 (Brad Nessler, Bill Raftery, John Schiffren)
Kentucky vs. North Carolina - Paradise, NV - 5:30 (Brad Nessler, Bill Raftery, John Schiffren)

Saturday, December 31st
Louisville vs. Indiana - Indianapolis - 12:30 (Spero Dedes, Bill Raftery)
Ohio State vs. Indiana (Women's) - 3:00 (Dave Ryan, Debbie Antonelli)

Saturday, January 7th
Texas A&M vs. South Carolina - 4:30 (Spero Dedes, Clark Kellogg)

Sunday, January 8th
Wisconsin vs. Purdue - 4:30 (Ian Eagle, Bill Raftery)

Saturday, January 14th
Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State - 1:00 (Andrew Catalon, Clark Kellogg)

Sunday, January 15th
Michigan State vs. Ohio State - 4:30 (Carter Blackburn, Bill Raftery)

Saturday, January 21st
Vanderbilt vs. Florida - 12:00 (Kevin Harlan, Jim Spanarkel)
Texas vs. Kansas - 2:00 (Brad Nessler, Clark Kellogg)
Arizona vs. UCLA - 4:00 (Ian Eagle, Bill Raftery)

Sunday, January 22nd
Georgetown vs. Xavier - 2:00 (Spero Dedes, Dan Bonner)

Saturday, January 28th
North Carolina vs. Miami - 1:00 (Ian Eagle, Bill Raftery)

Sunday, January 29th
Michigan vs. Michigan State - 1:00 (Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg)

Saturday, February 4th 
Pittsburgh vs. Duke - 1:00 (Ian Eagle, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery)

Sunday, February 5th
Indiana vs. Wisconsin - 1:00 (Carter Blackburn, Clark Kellogg)

Saturday, February 11th
Kentucky vs. Alabama - 1:00 (Spero Dedes, Bill Raftery)

Sunday, February 12th
Michigan vs. Indiana (Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner)

Saturday, February 18th
Kansas vs. Baylor (Ian Eagle, Bill Raftery)

Sunday, February 19th
Maryland vs. Wisconsin - 1:00 (Brad Nessler, Clark Kellogg)

Saturday, February 25th
SMU vs. UConn - 12:00 (Spero Dedes, Clark Kellogg)
Florida vs. Kentucky - 2:00 (Brad Nessler, Jim Spanarkel)
Duke vs. Miami - 4:00 (Ian Eagle, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery)

Sunday, February 26th
Syracuse vs. Louisville - 2:00 (Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas)
Wisconsin vs. Michigan State - 4:00 (Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner)

Saturday, March 4th
Kentucky vs. Texas A&M - 12:00 (Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel)
Notre Dame vs. Louisville - 2:00 (Ian Eagle, Clark Kellogg)
Arizona vs. Arizona State - 4:00 (Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas)

Sunday, March 5th
Cincinnati vs. UConn - 12:00 (Carter Blackburn, Mike Gminski)
Missouri Valley Championship - St. Louis - 2:00 (Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner, John Schriffen)
Purdue vs. Northwestern - 4:30 (Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery, Tracy Wolfson)

Saturday, March 11th
Big Ten Semifinal - Washington - 1:00 (Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery, Tracy Wolfson)
Big Ten Semifinal - Washington - 3:30 (Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery, Tracy Wolfson)
Mountain West Championship - Las Vegas - 6:00 (Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner, Reggie Miller, Evan Washburn)

Sunday, March 12th
Atlantic 10 Championship - Pittsburgh - 12:30 (Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel, Allie LaForce)
Big Ten Championship - Washington - 3:00 (Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, Bill Raftery, Tracy Wolfson)



  1. You accidentally left off that Louisville & Indiana men will play from Indianapolis

  2. I think just as suggestion you add DC for the B1G tournament games so people don't get confused about where they are playing them

    1. If you say a game is being played in Washington, I think people are aware of what that means. I generally go by the AP dateline cities here.


  3. The Big Ten Basketball Tournament in Washington? It's a sign of the times, especially with recent conference expansion & so much money changing hands. From the beginning of the first Big Ten Basketball Tournament, they've alternated between Chicago & Indianapolis. The fact that Washington & New York will be hosting the Big Ten Tournament each of the next 2 years will be unusual to say the least, but they're trying to tap into those big media markets.

    1. Yeah that plus it's to drive fans at Maryland & Rutgers to focus on the B1G Conference

  4. Nessler just confirmed during Arkansas vs. Missouri that he and Raftery will do UCLA vs. Kentucky on Dec. 3rd

  5. Any chance UK vs. UGA will be on CBS on Feb. 18th?

    1. NONE why at this moment would CBS leave the game they already have for that date PLUS they selected that game BEFORE the season tipped off

  6. Here's my NCAA Tournament announcers predictions.
    1. Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill & Tracy Wolfson
    2. Brad Nessler, Steve Smith & Dana Jacobson
    3.Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel & Allie LaForce
    4. Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Dan Bonner & Lewis Johnson
    5. Ian Eagle, Chris Webber, Len Elmore & Evan Washburn
    6. Brian Anderson, Doug Gottlieb & Jamie Erdahl
    7. Spero Dedes, Mike Gminski & Ros-Gold Onwude
    8. Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas & Jamie Maggio

    1. The reason I put Anderson on the No. 6 team is cuz he has Milwaukee Brewers duties along with calling NBA games on TNT & with CBS hiring Nessler he should be on the No. 2 announcing team

    2. Brian Anderson calling Brewers and the NBA has nothing to do with NCAA Tournament. Craig Coshun will call spring training games if necessary. NBA on TNT is only Tuesday's during the NCAA Tournament. I think he will keep his regional spot.

    3. Yes it does Anderson would likely be calling the NBA on TNT while Harlan is doing the sweet 16 & Elite 8 that week

    4. I expect Carter Blackburn to remain in the rotation with Anderson likely removed.

    5. But Blackburn is flat out boring fans that tune in to any tournament game don't wanna hear any boring announcers what so ever I do hope Anderson remains on even if it's just for the 1st 2 rounds as I predicted

    6. Like the Northern Iowa half court buzzer beater last year

    7. It wasn't that great not as good as Anderson's buzzer beater call when Wisconsin won

  7. Ben, Brad Nessler and Clark Kellogg just said on air that Brad is doing the Fla/Kentucky game, and Clark is doing SMU/UConn next Saturday.

  8. They announced the teams calling the NCAA tournament
    1. Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill & Tracy Wolfson
    2. Brian Anderson, Chris Webber & Lewis Johnson
    3. Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel & Allie LaForce
    4. Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Dan Bonner & Dana Jacobson
    5. Ian Eagle, Steve Lavin & Evan Washburn
    6. Spero Dedes, Steve Smith, Len Elmore & Ros-Gold Onwude
    7. Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas & Jamie Erdahl
    8. Carter Blackburn, Mike Gminski, Debbie Antonelli & Lisa Byington

  9. Steve Lavin is a bit of a surprise but I hope he does well & Debbie Antonelli is another surprise too would she become the 1st woman to ever be a analyst in the men's NCAA tournament