18 October 2016

2016-17 CBS College Basketball Schedule

As always, CBS Sports will be leading us on the road to the Final Four as they will feature a hearty slate of college basketball action this season. 39 games are on tap and let's take a gander at which games they are.
Saturday, December 3rd
UCLA vs. Kentucky - 12:30 (Brad Nessler, Bill Raftery, John Schiffren)

Saturday, December 10th
Never Forget Tribute Classic
Notre Dame vs. Villanova - Newark - 12:00

Saturday, December 17th
Memphis vs. Oklahoma - 12:30
CBS Sports Classic
Ohio State vs. UCLA - Paradise, NV - 3:00
Kentucky vs. North Carolina - Paradise, NV - 5:30

Saturday, December 31st
Louisville vs. Indiana - Indianapolis - 12:30
Ohio State vs. Indiana (Women's) - 3:00

Saturday, January 7th
Texas A&M vs. South Carolina - 1:30 or 4:30

Sunday, January 8th
Wisconsin vs. Purdue - 1:30 or 4:30

Saturday, January 14th
Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State - 1:00

Sunday, January 15th
Michigan State vs. Ohio State - 1:30 or 4:30

Saturday, January 21st
Vanderbilt vs. Florida - 12:00
Texas vs. Kansas - 2:00
Arizona vs. UCLA - 4:00

Sunday, January 22nd
Georgetown vs. Xavier - 2:00

Saturday, January 28th
North Carolina vs. Miami - 1:00

Sunday, January 29th
Michigan vs. Michigan State - 1:00

Saturday, February 4th 
Pittsburgh vs. Duke - 1:00

Sunday, February 5th
Indiana vs. Wisconsin - 1:00

Saturday, February 11th
Kentucky vs. Alabama - 1:00

Sunday, February 12th
Michigan vs. Indiana

Saturday, February 18th
Kansas vs. Baylor

Sunday, February 19th
Maryland vs. Wisconsin or Nebraska vs. Ohio State or Michigan vs. Minnesota - 1:00

Saturday, February 25th
SMU vs. UConn - 12:00
Florida vs. Kentucky - 2:00
Duke vs. Miami - 4:00

Sunday, February 26th
Syracuse vs. Louisville - 2:00
Wisconsin vs. Michigan State or Northwestern vs. Indiana or Penn State vs. Minnesota - 4:00

Saturday, March 4th
Kentucky vs. Texas A&M - 12:00
Notre Dame vs. Louisville - 2:00
Arizona vs. Arizona State - 4:00

Sunday, March 5th
Cincinnati vs. UConn - 12:00
Missouri Valley Championship - St. Louis - 2:00
Michigan State vs. Maryland or Purdue vs. Northwestern or Minnesota vs. Wisconsin - 4:30

Saturday, March 11th
Big Ten Semifinal - Washington - 1:00
Big Ten Semifinal - Washington - 3:30
Mountain West Championship - Las Vegas - 6:00

Sunday, March 12th
Atlantic 10 Championship - Pittsburgh - 12:30
Big Ten Championship - Washington - 3:00



  1. You accidentally left off that Louisville & Indiana men will play from Indianapolis

  2. I think just as suggestion you add DC for the B1G tournament games so people don't get confused about where they are playing them

    1. If you say a game is being played in Washington, I think people are aware of what that means. I generally go by the AP dateline cities here.


  3. The Big Ten Basketball Tournament in Washington? It's a sign of the times, especially with recent conference expansion & so much money changing hands. From the beginning of the first Big Ten Basketball Tournament, they've alternated between Chicago & Indianapolis. The fact that Washington & New York will be hosting the Big Ten Tournament each of the next 2 years will be unusual to say the least, but they're trying to tap into those big media markets.

    1. Yeah that plus it's to drive fans at Maryland & Rutgers to focus on the B1G Conference

  4. Nessler just confirmed during Arkansas vs. Missouri that he and Raftery will do UCLA vs. Kentucky on Dec. 3rd