29 September 2016

2016 MLB Awards

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We are down to the final weekend of the 2016 Major League Baseball season and therefore, it is time to hand out some hardware. Here are my 2016 MLB Awards.

Preseason Awards
Midseason Awards

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2005 - Pres)AL MVP - Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
We have been down this road and I don't care but you cannot tell me that Mike Trout is not the best player in the American League based solely on the fact that his team is not very good. Basing an individual award on the collective is pretty silly but the baseball writers are prone to silly stuff like that. Trout has been tremendous yet again and despite how good Mookie Betts has been, he just does not touch Trout.
Runner-up - Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox

NL MVP - Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs (1979 - Pres)We could make this very easy: Bryant is the best player in the National League and the top player on the league's finest club. This is one of the easier calls of this post and considering all the attention paid to the Cubbies this season, it feels like a lock. If you are a fan of WAR and WARP, then you love Bryant and think he should win this award. And if you don't, then his .295/.389/.564 triple-slashes is pretty tasty too.
Runner-up - Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers

AL Cy Young - Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians (2014 - Pres)It is a relatively wide open award and you could make cases for a number of guys beyond Kluber. Rick Porcello may well just win this award considering his sexy-looking 22-4 record but besides his league-leading WHIP, I'm not that sold on his case because he has gotten tremendous run support (hence the high win total). Justin Verlander has been great and has not gotten all that much pub for it. Even Zach Britton who has been spectacular as the closer for Baltimore. But Kluber's ballpark-adjusted stats are great and I would argue he has been the best picture in the Junior Circuit.
Runner-up - Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers

NL Cy Young - Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals
Washington Nationals (2011 - Pres)This will be an interesting discussion but for what it's worth, I think award has Max Scherzer's name on it. I would love to give it to Clayton Kershaw because he is the best pitcher in baseball but he simply has missed too much time this season, helping to open the door for guys like Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester, both of whom may just win the award due to the fact that both have been great and the Cubs love. That said, Scherzer's full stat line is too good in my opinion.
Runner-up - Kyle Hendricks, Chicago Cubs

AL Rookie of the Year - Michael Fulmer, Detroit Tigers
Detroit Tigers (2016 - Pres)The people know I love the Yankees so you know that I love this insane start of the career of Gary Sanchez. He will get some pub for this award but still, the guy has only played 50 games and in my opinion, that is just too little of a sample to give somebody this award. Therefore, I still have to go with my midseason pick of Fulmer. Fulmer may not have the most impressive win-loss record but hey, this cat is still leading the American League in ERA.
Runner-up - Gary Sanchez, New York Yankees

Los Angeles Dodgers (2012 - Pres)NL Rookie of the Year - Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers
Speaking of awards, this is hands-down the easier pick and a stone-cold lead-pipe lock that Seager will be the NL Rookie of the Year. No matter whether you are an analytics guy or an old-school numbers guy, Seager's numbers are terrific for just about any position but especially so considering that he is a shortstop. He should even get some MVP vote action as well.
Runner-up - Trea Turner, Washington Nationals

Baltimore Orioles (2009 - 2011)AL Manager of the Year - Buck Showalter, Baltimore Orioles
I love the reasoning that the great Will Leitch gives here as to why he thinks Showalter should win this award and I will paraphrase it here. Considering that the rotation is not particularly deep and the lineup has been inconsistent at times since the All-Star break, and thatthis is a team that is still hanging on for a Wild Card berth speaks to the quality of job that Showalter has done yet again.
Runner-up - Jeff Banister, Texas Rangers

NL Manager of the Year - Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers (2012 - Pres)We never know how to truly judge this award and there are multiple guys you can make strong cases for. And hey even as his team has made it look easy, Joe Maddon has dealt with a decent amount of adversity with the Cubbies but that said, I'm giving this award to Dave Roberts. The Dodgers sailed away with the NL West the past couple of months and that is with the aforementioned Clayton Kershaw injury and a bunch of other issues. For a first-year guy, Roberts has done a tremendous job.
Runner-up - Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs


  1. "I'm not that sold on his case because he has gotten tremendous run support and because he has a relatively high ERA"

    You realize as it stands right now Kluber ERA is only 0.01 lower than Porcello's, right? So if Porcello has a high ERA then Kluber does as well. In fact AL Leading ERA right now is 3.06. But ya I guess being 0.08 higher than the league lead is really high.

    Not to mention the two guys that share the ERA lead right now Fulmer and Sanchez have pitched 65 and 38 less innings than Porcello.

    1. Fair enough, I was mistaken and took the Porcello ERA line out.