10 August 2016

2016 CBS Sports Network College Football Announcers

Just in case you forgot, the good folks over at CBS Sports Network have themselves a pretty solid package of college football this fall and a true college football junkie would not want to miss out. They released their announcing teams for the 2016 season so let's take a look.

Carter Blackburn, Aaron Taylor, Jenny Dell (Lead)
Rich Waltz, Adam Archuleta, Cassie Gallo
Dave Ryan, Corey Chavous, Melanie Collins
Ben Holden, Jay Feely, John Schriffen
John Sadak, Randy Cross, Sheehan Stanwick-Burch

Additional play-by-play announcers include Dwayne Ballen and Jason Horowitz. Additional analusts include Eric Davis and Ben Leber and other reporters are Tina Cervasio, Taylor Rooks and Jill Savage.

The acclaimed Tuesday night program Inside College Football returns and will be hosted by Adam Zucker alongside Randy Cross, Brian Jones, Rick Neuheisel and Aaron Taylor. Other contributors include hosts Dana Jacobson and Brent Stover and analysts Christian Fauria and Houston Nutt.



  1. Miss Randy Cross on the NFL on CBS. Called a great game with Dick Enberg before he left CBS to call Padres games. Glad he still gets to announce college football games, but would rather see him be the lead announcer for SEC on CBS compared to Gary Danielson who never stops talking even when Verne is trying to do the play by play!

  2. I know Brad Nessler will be taking over for Verne next year but what will they do with him this year?

    1. It's been reported that Brad will do NFL games, the early game in SEC doubleheaders, NCAA Men's Basketball & most likely the 2017 Tournament

  3. Like Brad Nessler and Verne as announcers, but poor Brad has to deal with that annoying Gary Danielson next year as the new announcer for the SEC on CBS! Too bad Nessler was not moved to one of the top teams on the NFL on CBS as his talent is being a little underused with this new job.

  4. who will call Saturdays triple header?

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