25 July 2016

2016 PGA Championship TV Schedule & Announcers

We all know about the partnership between CBS Sports and Turner Sports for the NCAA Tournament but the longer partnership has been between the two to cover the PGA Championship, golf's final major of the year. This time, the action will be at Baltsurol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey and it commences this Thursday. Continue reading for the complete television and announcing schedule for the 2016 PGA Championship.

First Round - Thursday, July 28th
TNT - 1:00 pm-7:00 pm

Second Round - Friday, July 29th
TNT - 1:00 pm-7:00 pm

Third Round - Saturday, July 30th
TNT - 11 am-2 pm
CBS - 2 pm-7pm

Final Round - Sunday, July 31st
TNT - 11 am-2 pm
CBS - 2 pm-7pm

Jim Nantz, Nick Faldo (18th tower)
Ian Baker-Finch (17th)
Gary McCord (16)
Frank Nobilo (15)
Verne Lundquist (14)
Bill Macatee (13)
Peter Kostis, Dottie Pepper (course reporters)

Ernie Johnson (host & play-by-play)
Brian Anderson (play-by-play)
Ian Baker-Finch, Billy Kratzert (analysts)
Mike Weir (on-course analyst)
Amanda Balionis (interviews)

Brian Anderson, Brian Katrek (play-by-play)
Billy Kratzert, Michael Breed (analysts)
Brian Katrek, Annabel Rolle (course reporters)

H/T CBS, Turner


  1. well that's interesting to see Turner making EJ host while BA does the PxP kind of disappointed but enjoy both in different ways

    1. I didn't make that clear, while EJ is the host he and Anderson will both do play-by-play. I fixed it above.

  2. A little bit bewildered as to why Brian Anderson gets to call a Major Golf tourney... is he well up on golf? There's nothing worse than a play-by-paly who seems out of his depth (Gus Johnson soccer, for example)