26 July 2016

2016-17 NHL on NBCSN Schedule

Across NBC and NBCSN, NBC Sports will air more NHL games this season than they ever have in this upcoming season. You can bet that that is music to the ears of hockey fans all across this country.

So with that in mind, here is the NHL on NBCSN schedule for the 2016-17 NHL season.

Wednesday, October 12th
Blues vs. Blackhawks - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)
Kings vs. Sharks - 10:30 (John Forslund, Brian Boucher)

Thursday, October 13th
Capitals vs. Penguins - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Friday, October 14th
Blackhawks vs. Predators - 8:00 (Gord Miller, Brian Boucher)

Saturday, October 15th
Bruins vs. Maple Leafs - 8:00 (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Christine Simpson)

Tuesday, October 18th
Flyers vs. Blackhawks - 8:30 (Jim Jackson, Keith Jones)

Wednesday, October 19th
Red Wings vs. Rangers - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Tuesday, October 25th
Sabres vs. Flyers - 7:30 (Jim Jackson, Keith Jones)
Ducks vs. Sharks - 10:00 (Randy Hahn, Bret Hedican, Brian Hayward)

Wednesday, October 26th
Bruins vs. Rangers - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Tuesday, November 1st
Lightning vs. Islanders - 7:30 (Rick Peckham, Brian Boucher)
Sharks vs. Ducks - 10:00 (Randy Hahn, Bret Hedican)

Wednesday, November 2nd
Red Wings vs. Flyers - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Pierre McGuire)

Wednesday, November 9th
Blackhawks vs. Blues - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Tuesday, November 15th
Lightning vs. Red Wings - 7:30 (Rick Peckham, Brian Boucher)

Wednesday, November 16th
Penguins vs. Capitals - 7:30 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Tuesday, November 22nd
Blues vs. Bruins - 7:00 (Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher)

Wednesday, November 23rd
Flyers vs. Lightning - 7:30 (Jim Jackson, Keith Jones)
Blackhawks vs. Sharks - 10:00 (Randy Hahn, Bret Hedican)

Tuesday, November 29th
Bruins vs. Flyers - 7:30 (Jim Jackson, Brian Boucher)
Maple Leafs vs. Oilers - 10:00 (Gord Miller, Ray Ferraro)

Wednesday, November 30th
Penguins vs. Islanders - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Pierre McGuire)
Sharks vs. Kings - 10:30 (Randy Hahn, Jim Fox)

Wednesday, December 7th
Bruins vs. Capitals - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Tuesday, December 13th
Blackhawks vs. Rangers - 7:00 (Chris Cuthbert, Pierre McGuire)

Wednesday, December 14th
Bruins vs. Penguins - 7:30 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)
Flyers vs. Avalanche - 10:00 (Jim Jackson, Bill Clement, Chris Therien)

Friday, December 16th
Kings vs. Penguins - 7:00 (Gord Miller, Brian Boucher)

Wednesday, December 21st
Capitals vs. Flyers - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Wednesday, December 28th
Flyers vs. Blues - 8:00 (Chris Cuthbert, Pierre McGuire)

Thursday, December 29th
Devils vs. Capitals - 7:00 (Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, Al Koken)

Tuesday, January 3rd
Sabres vs. Rangers - 7:00 (Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher)
Kings vs. Sharks - 10:00 (Randy Hahn, Jim Fox, Bret Hedican)

Wednesday, January 4th
Rangers vs. Flyers - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Thursday, January 5th
Sabres vs. Blackhawks - 8:30 (Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher)

Sunday, January 8th
Wild vs. Ducks - 8:00 (Kenny Albert, Pierre McGuire)

Tuesday, January 10th
Bruins vs. Blues - 8:00 (Kenny Albert, Pierre McGuire)

Wednesday, January 11th
Penguins vs. Capitals - 8:00 (Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)

Thursday, January 12th
Canadiens vs. Wild - 8:00 (Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher)

Sunday, January 15th
Wild vs. Blackhawks - 7:00 (Kenny Albert, Pierre McGuire)

Monday, January 16th
Capitals vs. Penguins - 7:00

Tuesday, January 17th
Blackhawks vs. Avalanche - 9:00

Wednesday, January 18th
Bruins vs. Red Wings - 8:00
Sharks vs. Kings - 10:30

Monday, January 23rd
Sharks vs. Avalanche - 9:00

Tuesday, January 24th
Blues vs. Penguins - 7:00

Wednesday, January 25th
Flyers vs. Rangers - 8:00

Thursday, January 26th
Blues vs. Wild - 8:00

Wednesday, February 1st
Bruins vs. Capitals - 8:00
Avalanche vs. Kings - 10:30

Thursday, February 2nd
Rangers vs. Sabres - 7:30

Tuesday, February 7th
Kings vs. Lightning - 7:30

Wednesday, February 8th
Blackhawks vs. Wild - 8:00

Thursday, February 9th
Islanders vs. Flyers - 7:00

Friday, February 10th
Lightning vs. Wild - 8:00

Sunday, February 12th
Canadiens vs. Bruins - 7:30

Monday, February 13th
Rangers vs. Blue Jackets - 7:30

Wednesday, February 15th
Blues vs. Red Wings - 8:00
Panthers vs. Sharks - 10:30

Thursday, February 16th
Avalanche vs. Sabres - 7:30

Sunday, February 19th
Blackhawks vs. Sabres - 6:00
Bruins vs. Sharks - 8:30

Tuesday, February 21st
Blackhawks vs. Wild - 8:00

Wednesday, February 22nd
Capitals vs. Flyers - 8:00

Thursday, February 23rd
Islanders vs. Canadiens - 7:30

Sunday, February 26th
Blues vs. Blackhawks - 7:30

Monday, February 27th
Kings vs. Wild - 8:00

Tuesday, February 28th
Avalanche vs. Flyers - 7:00

Wednesday, March 1st
Penguins vs. Blackhawks - 8:00

Thursday, March 2nd
Rangers vs. Bruins - 7:00

Sunday, March 5th
Blues vs. Avalanche - 8:00

Monday, March 6th
Stars vs. Capitals - 7:30

Tuesday, March 7th
Flyers vs. Sabres - 7:30

Wednesday, March 8th
Red Wings vs. Bruins - 8:00

Sunday, March 12th
Wild vs. Blackhawks - 7:00

Monday, March 13th
Hurricanes vs. Islanders - 7:30

Tuesday, March 14th
Blackhawks vs. Canadiens - 7:30

Wednesday, March 15th
Penguins vs. Flyers - 7:30
Red Wings vs. Avalance - 10:00

Monday, March 20th
Sabres vs. Red Wings - 7:30

Tuesday, March 21st
Sharks vs. Wild - 8:30

Wednesday, March 22nd
Islanders vs. Rangers - 8:00

Sunday, March 26th
Wild vs. Red Wings - 7:00

Monday, March 27th
Blackhawks vs. Lightning - 7:30

Wednesday, March 29th
Blackhawks vs. Penguins - 8:00

Thursday, March 30th
Stars vs. Bruins - 7:30

Sunday, April 2nd
Flyers vs. Rangers - 7:30

Wednesday, April 5th
Rangers vs. Capitals - 8:00

Thursday, April 6th
Predators vs. Stars - 8:00

Friday, April 7th
Lightning vs. Canadiens - 7:30

Saturday, April 8th

Sunday, April 9th



  1. Ben, this year's All-Star game will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles (not Nashville).

    1. Ah yes, I badly misread the release. Thanks!

  2. Is there anyway for Penguins fans to see the banner raising on your channel Thursday night

  3. NBCSN is airing Bruins/Maple Leafs tonight at 7. Not sure who the announcers are though.

  4. The Bruins vs Maple Leafs are Simulcast with CBC with Jim Hughson Craig Simpson & Christine Simpson

  5. You put Sharks vs Ducks it should be Sharks vs Coyotes for tonight

  6. John Forslund called Rangers vs Flyers not Doc Emrick yesterday on January 4th