10 June 2016

Madison Bumgarner in the Home Run Derby? Why not?

As a good chunk of us know, the Home Run Derby has really become a snore in recent years. There have been attempts to try to spice it up but nothing seems to work (Chris Berman doesn't really help matters either). But you know what might make things more interesting? How about a pitching hitting in the Home Run Derby?

Sounds crazy? Perhaps, but Madison Bumgarner wants in.

He said this to ESPN's Buster Posey on Sunday after crushing some balls during batting practice at Busch Stadium.

And just in case that anybody (ie the Giants) would object to such an idea, Bumgarner had an answer for them:
"I mean, they had me ride a horse on the field, so if they trust me with something like that with 40-some-thousand people going crazy and I can't do baseball activities, that's a little bit different. We'll talk about it for sure. I'm not trying to say that this is a done deal or anything like that."
There's no way that we can't have this happen, right? Who wouldn't love that? Sure there may actually be some injury concerns but you can't be completely protective of your guys at all of the time and besides, if he's already in the All-Star Game then who cares?


  1. I wouldn't want to see him do anything in the All Star Game if I were Giants fan because to risky for when he will be needed most this year if the San Francisco is playing in October

    1. But with that logic, we would barely have anybody playing at all.