09 June 2016

2016 US Open TV Schedule & Announcers

This upcoming Thursday will mark the opening round of America's golf national championship, this time being hosted at the legendary Oakmont Country Club outside of Pittsburgh. It is the ninth Open hosted in Oakmont, the first one since 2007. And importantly, this will be the second U.S. Open on Fox Sports and the first with a revamped announcing lineup.

Here is the complete broadcast and announcing schedule for the 116th U.S. Open Championship.


First Round - Thursday, June 16th
FS1 - 10 am-5pm
Fox - 5 pm-8 pm

First/Second Round - Friday, June 17th
FS1 - 8 am-5 pm
Fox - 5 pm-9 pm

Second/Third Round - Saturday, June 18th
FSI - 7:30 am-11 am
Fox - 11 am-8 pm
FS1 - 8 pm-9 pm

Third/Final Round - Sunday, June 19th
FS1 - 7:00 am-9 am
Fox - 11 am-8:00 pm

Playoff (If needed) - Monday, June 20th
Fox - 12 pm

Announcers - Television
Joe Buck, Paul Azinger, Brad Faxon (18th Tower)
Mark Brooks, Steve Flesch (Hole announcers)
Ken Brown, Juli Inkster, Scott McCarron, Curtis Strange (Course reporters)
Holly Sonders (Host)
Bob Ford, Gil Hanse (Studio analusts)
Shane O'Donoghue (Secondary play-by-play)
David Fay (Rules analyst)
Shane Bacon (Interviewer)
Jaime Diaz (Reporter)

Joel Klatt, Justin Kutcher (Featured group play-by-play)
Olin Browne, Luke Elvy, Brett Quigley, Scott Simpson (Featured group analysts)
Ned Michaels (host)
Robert Damron, Jay Delsing, Buddy Marucci, Joe Ogilvie (Analysts)

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  1. I think a lot can agree with this & that is that FOX's coverage issue is they don't have enough will known men or even women on there coverage that people can say something like yeah I know who blank is because they won this event

  2. Thank you, anonymous. Fox could have done way better choosing the announcers. Maybe some nepotism there?

  3. Joe Buck should stick to Baseball.

  4. I think Joe does a nice job in what ever sport he does but outside most fans don't know who most of these people are on the FOX coverage but maybe we will in years to come

  5. Fox announcers on Fox for the US Open are awful. Takes away from the enjoyment of watching. How many years do we have to listen to these people? Too long! Don't ever let them televise the Masters. Ugh!

  6. I love golf. I do not like the announcers for the US Open, at least the ones I've heard. Joe Buck is just awful at golf. I tolerate it but don't like it. Has he ever played the game? Well, I do and don't ever refer to a great shot as hitting it out of the ballpark...or something like that. And I don't believe he would know many players by sight, either, if not for a voice in his headset. I am watching now (2:00PM Sunday) and is way more tolerable than yesterday. Joe, stick to baseball and football. Golf doesn't require so much chatter as knowledge of the players and the game.

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  8. Joe Buck is not a good golf announcer.

  9. Where is the TV guide for The Open Championship for this weekend