01 June 2016

2016 NBA Finals Predictions

After all of the thrilling action this NBA season, we are down to only two teams. And they just happen to be the two teams that faced off for the NBA championship one season ago and they will face off in the rematch we have all been waiting for. On one side you have got the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors and on the side, you have got a team vying for their first ever championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

There can only be one team standing after this best-of-seven series, which team will that be? Here are my predictions for the 2016 NBA Finals.

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1 Golden State Warriors vs. 1 Cleveland Cavaliers
Golden State Warriors (2011 - Pres)Cleveland Cavaliers (1984 - 1994)
These two forged different trails to the NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers got through the Eastern Conference Playoffs with relative ease, only dropping two games in total. The Golden State Warriors had a much tougher path as they had to do a good chunk of it without the league MVP, Stephen Curry, and they came dangerously close to not even getting here as they fell down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals to the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Now I think you could look at the Warriors' battle with the Thunder one way. You could look at it as not a good sign that they had to rally big league after digging themselves a big hole at the conclusion of a relatively inconsistent performance in the Western Conference Playoffs. But you could also look at it being the sign of a team getting their act together and ready to kick some ass in the Finals. 

Given all of the injuries to key guys a year ago with the exception of LeBron James, the Cavs were a decided underdog in last year's Finals and yet they able to push the Warriors to six behind a superhuman performance from their star (which should have won him MVP). Now, Cleveland has finally been hitting on all cylinders with strong postseasons from James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving as well as a number of their role players. 

I will be completely honest, I think that the Cavaliers are the superior team coming into this Finals. I'm not fully certain that we are going to get a dominant performance from Golden State. And after what an undermanned Cleveland team did to the Warriors a year ago, I think they are poised to win it all this June. 
Cavaliers in 7


  1. wow that's bold of you to not only picking Cleveland but for winning a Game 7 on the road

    1. I don't know tell us now what you think sir Dem