31 May 2016

Verne Lundquist to step down from the SEC on CBS after 2016, Brad Nessler to replace

We are nearing the end of an era for fans of the Southeastern Conference. That's because the great Verne Lundquist will be stepping down from CBS's SEC football broadcasts at the end of this upcoming season, the network announced today. And with that, what has long been rumored was made official that Brad Nessler will be brought in to be his replacement come 2017.

Lundquist was shifted over to the SEC by CBS after Sean McDonough was pushed out the door as the network was bringing in Dick Enberg to do NFL games. Initially, it didn't seem that Lundquist, who had been doing the NFL for so many years, didn't seem to be totally on board with it at first but after an epic first game between Florida and Tennessee and then admiring the scene in Tuscaloosa later that fall and he was hooked.

And 16 years later, six years with Todd Blackledge and the last decade with Gary Danielson, Lundquist has become the voice on television for a generation of SEC fans and has been at the mic for many a great moment. Perhaps most famous of all was his incredible call of the incredible finish to the 2013 Iron Bowl. Between his laugh and his enthusiasm, Lundquist has been one of my personal favorites and he will be missed.

That said it is important to note that as of now, Lundquist is only leaving the SEC while remaining on their college basketball and their golf coverage so he is not fully going away. Given that Lundquist lives in Steamboat Springs, not exactly an easy commute to Auburn and Baton Rouge, and even with living in the football season in Atlanta may not be a perfect solution.

Nessler makes his return to CBS after working there in 1990 and 1991 before moving to ESPN where he will do some SEC doubleheaders as well as college basketball action during the NFL season. Beyond that it is a bit of a mystery and while Nessler was one of the top guys at ESPN, perhaps he had peaked and maybe getting passed over for Monday Night Football led him to look elsewhere. Plus as they promote every week, CBS does have the best game every week from arguably the best conference so that's a plus for him. Nessler is also very good so there shouldn't be that much of a drop from Lundquist.


  1. So will Nessler do NFL games for CBS at all?

    1. We still don't know yet. I think you will see him doing some games but maybe not on the reg.