26 May 2016

Please don't compare Stephen Curry to Jeremy Lin

Everybody loves a good hot take as I always say on my podcast and we got ourselves a doozy of one from The Big Lead (and surprisingly, not one from our guy Jason McIntyre). The Warriors, after an epic 73-9 regular season, could see their season coming to an end tonight at the hands of the Thunder and it has led to ridiculous takes like this one.
If the Warriors can’t recover tonight, who is to say that Curry won’t face a similar fate to Jeremy Lin? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Lin has turned into a serviceable contributor for a playoff team – the same team that some think Curry could head to when his contract is up after next season.
Suddenly, Stephen Curry is human again. Just like Jeremy Lin. And if the Thunder finish off the Warriors – and their 18-month “dynasty” – we can put that chapter of NBA history to bed. Right between the ones about Linsanity and proper tipping etiquette.
You have to read the full piece to fully understand how silly it is. "Linsanity" occurred over a stretch of 26 games four years ago. Stephen Curry has only put together arguably the best two-season shooting stretch in NBA history, one that resulted in him winning back-to-back MVPs, including the first ever unanimous one this season. And Curry already was a really good player before last season. Not to mention that he led a team to a championship a year ago and powered the team this year to the best regular season in league history.

As to how those two examples are similar, I haven't a clue.

There is no question that Curry has not been himself in this series and he's struggled to shoot well and to guard Russell Westbrook, but does that really make him Jeremy Lin? Lin has carved himself a role as a very solid role player and he was key at times for a resurgent Charlotte Hornets team this season. But the author thinks perhaps he could have been something more:
Who is to say that if the Carmelo Anthony had embraced Lin and the Knicks had been able to retain him, the entire trajectory of the league would have changed? Is it that outlandish to suggest that with Melo playing a supporting role that Lin could have blossomed into an All-Star and MVP candidate? Perhaps the Knicks could have even fluked their way to a title in an NBA that former players constantly remind us is watered down and just not that difficult to succeed in?
With logic like that, who is to say that you or I could have become an NBA MVP candidate had things broken one way or another? Lin's stretch with the Knicks was effectively a flash in the pan as proven by the fact that he has never approached that stretch since then.

But here's the money line of this piece after he compares Lin at his peak to Curry at his worst (which happened to be in the same season):
Sure, these seasons compare Lin’s ceiling to Curry’s basement and this is obviously a ridiculous premise...
Obviously, it is a ridiculous premise. Yes, indeed.

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