01 April 2016

2016 NCAA Tournament Predictions: Final Four

The calendars may have turned to April but we are still feeling the March Madness as we have finally reached the Final Four. This year's edition features three teams that wouldn't have surprised anybody a month ago if they were to make it to Houston, and one that took most observers by surprise. But these are the four whose hopes are cutting down the nets on Monday night remain intact. Who will survive and advance to the National Championship?

Saturday, April 2nd
2 Oklahoma vs. 2 Villanova - TBS/TNT/truTV, 6:00
Oklahoma Sooners (1982 - 1995)Villanova Wildcats (2004 - Pres)
I'm very intrigued for this contest and not just because I correctly predicted it in all of my brackets but more importantly because both teams can score at will. Trying to defend somebody like Buddy Hield is immensely challenging especially with how good he has been at scoring off the dribble but Villanova has really mixed up their defensive schemes this tournament and with it, they've found a lot of success. As tough as the Sooners have made it to pick against them, I've been on the Villanova bandwagon and I'm still not ready to hop off just yet.
Pick: Villanova

1 North Carolina vs. 10 Syracuse - TBS/TNT/truTV, 8:49
North Carolina Tar Heels (2015 - Pres)Syracuse Orange (1995 - Pres)
Again, I don't even think students at Newhouse expected to see their Orange make the Final Four and their wild run is a testament to the finest job of Jim Boeheim's career. But it doesn't take Steve Kroft to point out that North Carolina is the best team that they have faced thus far in the Tournament. And the Tar Heels have already beaten the Cuse twice this season. I think that the Orange will keep it close thanks to their fabled defensive scheme but it will take a whale of an effort to pull off the upset.
Pick: North Carolina

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