14 April 2016

2016 ESPN Monday Night Football Schedule

This will be the 47th season of Monday Night Football and its 11th season on ESPN. What will the 2016 NFL season schedule have in store for the "Worldwide Leader?" Let's take a look.

Unless otherwise noted, all games at 8:30 and called by Sean McDonough, Jon Gruden and Lisa Salters.

Week 1 - September 12th
Steelers vs. Washington - 7:00 (Sean McDonough, Jon Gruden, Lisa Salters)
Rams vs. 49ers - 10:15 (Chris Berman, Steve Young, Lindsay Czarniak)

Week 2 - September 19th
Eagles vs. Bears

Week 3 - September 26th
Falcons vs. Saints

Week 4 - October 3rd
Giants vs. Vikings

Week 5- October 10th
Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Week 6 - October 17th
Jets vs. Cardinals

Week 7 - October 24th
Texans vs. Broncos

Week 8 - October 31st
Vikings vs. Bears

Week 9 - November 7th
Bills vs. Seahawks

Week 10 - November 14th
Bengals vs. Giants

Week 11 - November 21th 
Texans vs. Raiders - Mexico City

Week 12 - November 28th
Packers vs. Eagles

Week 13 - December 5th
Colts vs. Jets

Week 14 - December 12th
Ravens vs. Patriots

Week 15 - December 19th
Panthers vs. Washington

Week 16 - December 26th
Lions vs. Cowboys

Wild Card - Saturday, January 7th
Raiders vs. Texans - ABC/ESPN



  1. Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer, and Lindsay Czarniak will call the Rams at 49ers game in Week 1.

  2. Mike Breen would've been great as a play-by-play announcer on the primary Monday Night Football. He hasn't called any football games since 1997. He would've teamed up with Jon Gruden and Lisa Salters as the primary Monday Night Football. Sean McDonough, who replace Mike Tirico, is terrible. He should be demoted to the secondary Monday Night Football. He should've teamed up with Trent Dilfer and Lindsay Czarniak.