02 March 2016

2016 West Coast Conference Tournament Predictions

The first of what is four conference tournaments taking place in the Las Vegas Valley is that of the West Coast Conference and their tournament kicks off on Thursday from the Orleans. And what is unique about this year's WCC Tournament is that it may be the first one in a while in which Gonzaga is not the clear-cut favorite as Saint Mary's won the tiebreaker for the top seed. And, neither team may be able to rely on an at-large bid should one not get the automatic bid, adding just a little more intrigue this year.

Who will win the 2016 West Coast Conference Tournament? Here are my predictions.

First Round - Friday, March 4th
8 Loyola Marymount vs. 9 San Diego - Paradise - BYUtv, 9:00
Pick: Loyola Marymount

Quarterfinals - Saturday, March 5th
3 BYU vs. 6 Santa Clara - Paradise - BYUtv/CSN California/TWC SportsNet, 4:00
Pick: BYU

2 Gonzaga vs. 7 Portland - Paradise - ESPN2, 12:00 am (3/6)
Pick: Gonzaga

1 Saint Mary's vs. 8 Loyola Marymount - Paradise - ESPN2, 9:00
Pick: Saint Mary's

4 Pepperdine vs. 5 San Francisco - Paradise - BYUtv/CSN California/TWC SportsNet, 6:00
Pick: Pepperdine

Semifinals - Monday, March 7th
1 Saint Mary's vs. 4 Pepperdine - Paradise - ESPN, 9:00
The Waves did indeed sweep the Gaels this season, but can they make it three in a row? I think with their backs potentially against the wall, Saint Mary's survives.
Pick: Saint Mary's

2 Gonzaga vs. 3 BYU - Paradise - ESPN2, 11:30
These two split their regular season contests as the road team interestingly won both. I like the superior offense of the Cougars.
Pick: BYU

Championship - Tuesday, March 8th
1 Saint Mary's vs. 3 BYU - Paradise - ESPN, 9:00
A fun offense-defense showdown right here. While BYU is bad on defense, Saint Mary's is at least good enough to where they can take advantage of their opponents on that end. That'll be the difference.
Pick: Saint Mary's

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