08 March 2016

2016 Mountain West Tournament Predictions

America loves Vegas and America loves the Mountain West Conference. Put them together, and you have got the 2016 Mountain West Tournament. This year, despite the objections of all 11 coaches in the league, the tournament will only feature eight teams. Regardless of how many teams do partake, everybody is chasing San Diego State this year.

Who will get the Mountain West's automatic bid to the 2016 NCAA Tournament? Here are my predictions.

First Round - Wednesday, March 9th
8 Wyoming vs. 9 Utah State - Mountain West Network, 2:00
Pick: Utah State

7 UNLV vs. 10 Air Force - MWN, 4:30
Pick: UNLV

6 Colorado State vs. 11 San Jose State - MWN, 7:00
Pick: Colorado State

Quarterfinals - Thursday, March 10th
1 San Diego State vs. 9 Utah State - CBS Sports Network, 3:00
Pick: San Diego State

4 New Mexico vs. 5 Nevada - CBSSN, 5:30
Pick: Nevada

2 Fresno State vs. 7 UNLV - CBSSN, 9:00
Pick: Fresno State

3 Boise State vs. 6 Colorado State - CBSSN, 11:30
Pick: Boise State

Semifinals - Friday, March 11th
1 San Diego State vs. 5 Nevada - CBSSN, 9:00
Pick: San Diego State

2 Fresno State vs. 3 Boise State - CBSSN, 11:30
Pick: Boise State

Championship - Saturday, March 12th
1 San Diego State vs. 3 Boise State - CBS, 6:00
The Aztecs did just lose to the Broncos at home, and they squeaked one out in Boise back in January. I still like SDSU but it'll be closer than the experts think.
Pick: San Diego State


  1. I agree Reese's are good but for 2nd year in a row they are NOT sponsoring this fun tournament. I like when ALL teams participate in these conference tournaments because it makes more exciting & thrilling.

    1. Good call on the sponsorship, I'll change that accordingly when I get home.