10 March 2016

2016 MLB on FS1 Schedule

Baseball season is right around the corner and with that in mind, we have the MLB on FS1 schedule for the 2016 MLB season. It all begins on the night of April 9th in Anaheim. And what is new this season is Fox's broadcasting team as Joe Buck will now be joined in the booth by Hall of Famer John Smoltz. Fun times all around.

Here is the 2016 MLB on FS1 schedule, with announcers to be included all season long.

Fox MLB Schedule

Thursday, April 7th 
Rangers vs. Angels - 10:00 (Kevin Burkhardt, Eric Karros, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, April 9th
Dodgers vs. Giants - 4:00 (Joe Buck, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, April 16th
Blue Jays vs. Red Sox - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Cliff Floyd, Ken Rosenthal)
Braves vs. Marlins - 7:00 (Joe Davis, Preston Wilson)

Thursday, April 21st
Tigers vs. Royals - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Tom Verducci)

Saturday, April 23rd
Red Sox vs. Astros - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, C.J. Nitkowski, Ken Rosenthal)

Tuesday, April 26th
Cardinals vs. Diamondbacks - 9:30 (Joe Davis, Eric Karros)

Saturday, April 30th
Giants vs. Mets - 4:00 (Joe Buck, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, May 7th
Rangers vs. Tigers - 1:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci)
Nationals vs. Cubs - 4:00 (Joe Buck, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, May 14th
Astros vs. Red Sox - 1:00 (Joe Davis, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)
Twins vs. Indians - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, May 21st
Diamondbacks vs. Cardinals - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, CJ Nitkowski)

Monday, May 23rd
Angels vs. Rangers - 8:00 (Kevin Burkhardt, Mark Gubicza)

Saturday, June 4th
Rays vs. Twins - 4:00 (Aaron Goldsmith, Brian Anderson)

Saturday, June 11th
Indians vs. Angels - 10:00 (Kenny Albert, Mark Gubicza)

Saturday, June 18th
Rangers vs. Cardinals - 4:00 (Aaron Goldsmith, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, June 25th
Padres vs. Reds - 4:00 (Aaron Goldsmith, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, July 2nd
Yankees vs. Padres - 10:00 (Don Orsillo, Eric Karros)

Saturday, July 9th
Yankees vs. Indians - 4:00 (Joe Davis, Cliff Floyd)

Saturday, July 16th
Red Sox vs. Yankees - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)
Royals vs. Tigers - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, July 23rd
Giants vs. Yankees - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)
Rangers vs. Royals - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, July 30th
Nationals vs. Giants - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci)
Cardinals vs. Marlins - 7:00 (Joe Davis, Preston Wilson)

Tuesday, August 2nd
Cardinals vs. Reds - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, August 6th
Red Sox vs. Dodgers - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Eric Karros, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, August 13th
Pirates vs. Dodgers - 4:00 (Kevin Burkhardt, Eric Karros, Ken Rosenthal)
Angels vs. Indians - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Mark Gubicza)

Friday, August 19th
Yankees vs. Angels - 10:00 (Aaron Goldsmith, Eric Karros)

Saturday, August 20th
Mets vs. Giants - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, CJ Nitkowski)

Saturday, August 27th
Cubs vs. Dodgers - 4:00 (Matt Vasgersian, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal)
Angels vs. Tigers - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Tom Verducci)

Saturday, September 3rd
Astros vs. Rangers - 4:00 (Steve Busby, Tom Grieve, Jim Knox)
Tigers vs. Royals - 7:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, September 17th
Tigers vs. Indians - 4:00 (Aaron Goldsmith, CJ Nitkowski)

Monday, September 19th
Diamondbacks vs. Padres - 10:00 (CJ Nitkowski, Eric Karros)

Saturday, October 1st
Indians vs. Royals - 4:00 (Steve Physioc, CJ Nitkowski)

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  1. I love the new look to your site

  2. Ben - when will you put the list of announcers up? Thanks

    1. I am sure FLO will have them when ever FOX announces them

  3. Will Ryan Field be the studio host for April 7th?

  4. It's probably Ryan Field because Chris Myers will be in Texas for Fox NASCAR weekend

    1. well actually YES Chris will be in Texas for NASCAR on Saturday Night but will be hosting the FS1 opener in Anaheim

    2. the FS1 opener on Thursday Night plus alternating with Ryan Field most of the time starting tomorrow (Monday the 4th) the whiparound in studio program

  5. well it looks like the Tigers/Royals game this Thursday has been removed from being on FS1 via the national MLB schedule page also each team website

    1. While FOX Sports Radio is running promos about it lol

    2. Well it's back on the national broadcast page via MLB

  6. I know I asked about it on MLB on FOX, but I don't even know why the Brewers aren't playing on national television whether Fox, FS1, or ESPN since they were so bad last year.

    1. Well there you go just answered it because they were so bad they didn't get awarded to play on national TV this season

    2. However I did see that they played on ESPN against the Cubs on Monday night even though ESPN is not a national TV network but rather a cable TV network.

  7. cubs nationals fs one announcers for the game next Saturday?

  8. cubs nationals for fox sports one on Saturday are who?

  9. The broadcasters for D'Backs-Cardinals on Saturday will be Justin Kutcher & C.J. Nitkowski. Kutcher confirmed this during the Twins-Indians game yesterday (he was reading a promo).

  10. Ryan Field will be the studio host on May 23rd

    1. Nope, Chris Myers is w/Ken Rosenthal & Eric Karros (via Fox Sports Press Pass)

  11. Kenny Albert/Mark Gubicza have Indians/Angels.

  12. How does Padres Reds game chosen over Indians Tigers or Cubs Marlins on FS1 this Saturday? No wonder more people would choose MLB.tv over cable or dish.

    1. Heck, I would rather watch Nationals Brewers over Padres Reds. What a joke.

    2. Because they were chose b4 the season started

  13. Seems like David Cone replaced Cliff Floyd on Yanks/Tribe

  14. Not sure which announcer for the Giants/Yankees game is mispronouncing Josh Osich's name but please stop, it rhymes with itch not stick

  15. Kenny Albert/Tom Verducci have Nats/Giants.

  16. Ryan Field will be the studio host on August 13th

  17. With TB/NYY on Friday night on Fox, FS1 revised their announcer pairings for Saturday
    . Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers (FS1) - 4:00 PM: Justin Kutcher and Eric Karros (Kutcher re-assigned from LAA/CLE to PIT/LAD, no Burkhardt and Rosenthal)
    . Los Angeles Angels at Cleveland Indians (FS1) - 7:00 PM: Matt Underwood and Mark Gubicza (since this a "regional elevate" (FS1 exclusive) naming Underwood (Indians TV voice) was a easy call)

  18. Anyone know who is doing Astros/Rangers 9/3?

  19. The guys who call the Rangers game on Fox Sports Southwest

    1. That's probably the first time that announcers for a particular team call that game on national TV for either Fox Sports or Fox Sports 1.

    2. In 2010, Fox made a late pickup of Rangers/A's on the first possible game the Rangers could clinch the AL West and had Rangers announcers Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve on the call.

  20. I do miss you doing stuff like this