14 March 2016

2016 CBI Predictions

Because if there isn't the NIT, there's the College Basketball Invitational. This will be the ninth edition of the CBI and as always, there's a good mix of mid-major clubs not fortunate enough to get into the NIT or the NCAA's. Who will win the 2016 CBI? Here are my predictions.


1st Round
Siena vs. Morehead State
Pick: Siena

Duquesne vs. Omaha
Pick: Duquesne

Ohio vs. Albany
Pick: Albany

UNC Greensboro vs. Houston Baptist
Pick: Houston Baptist

Nevada vs. Montana
Pick: Nevada

Eastern Washington vs. Pepperdine
Pick: Pepperdine

Seattle vs. Idaho
Pick: Idaho

Vermont vs. Western Carolina
Pick: Vermont

Siena vs. Duquesne 
Pick: Siena

Albany vs. Houston Baptist
Pick: Albany

Nevada vs. Pepperdine
Pick: Pepperdine

Idaho vs. Vermont
Pick: Vermont

Siena vs. Pepperdine
Pick: Siena

Albany vs. Vermont
Pick: Albany

Championship (Best of 3)
Siena vs. Albany
The battle for the Capital Region! If this matchup doesn't excite you, quite possibly nothing will. The terrific defense of the Great Danes will be the difference.
Pick: Albany

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  1. now you see this is why FLO you should give your NCAA Tournament picks ALL at once :-)