07 March 2016

2016 ACC Tournament Predictions

For only the second time ever and for the first time since 2005, the Atlantic Coast Conference will host their conference tournament in our nation's capital and thus, I'll see you there. You know what's fascinating with this tournament is that it has been four years since the conference's traditional powers, Duke and North Carolina, have been the victor. Just something for you folks to consider.

So will win wind up as the ACC champion come Saturday night?

First Round - Tuesday, March 8th
12 NC State vs. 13 Wake Forest - Washington - ACC Network/ ESPN2
Pick: NC State

11 Florida State vs. 14 Boston College - Washington - ACCN/ESPN2
Pick: Florida State

Second Round - Wednesday, March 9th
8 Pittsburgh vs. 9 Syracuse - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 12:00
Pick: Pittsburgh

5 Duke vs. 12 NC State - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 2:00
Pick: Duke

7 Clemson vs. 10 Georgia Tech - Washington - ACCN/ESPN2, 7:00
Pick: Georgia Tech

6 Virginia Tech vs. 11 Florida State - Washington - ACCN/ESPN2, 9:00
Pick: Florida State

Quarterfinals - Thursday, March 10th
1 North Carolina vs. 8 Pittsburgh - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 12:00
The Panthers have shown flashes of the kind of play that it'll take to take down UNC on a neutral floor, but they've been too inconsistent to give me much confidence.
Pick: North Carolina

4 Notre Dame vs. 5 Duke - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 2:00
Duke looked to have finally found their footing after winning five in a row, including at North Carolina, and yet they lost three of their last five. But Notre Dame didn't close very well either, and I don't think they have the depth that the Blue Devils have.
Pick: Duke

2 Virginia vs. 10 Georgia Tech - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 7:00
Don't forget that UVA did lose to Georgia Tech back in early January but that was two months ago and in Atlanta. I wouldn't count on a repeat.
Pick: Virginia

3 Miami vs. 11 Florida State - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 9:00
These two programs certainly don't like each other but even factoring in the rivalry element, but the better club top to bottom will come out on top.
Pick: Miami

Semifinals - Friday, March 11th
1 North Carolina vs. 5 Duke - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 7:00
Who wouldn't love a third UNC-Duke showdown? The Tar Heels got their revenge on Saturday night for their home loss to the Dukies from a month ago and I think their experience will help them prevail here.
Pick: North Carolina

2 Virginia vs. 3 Miami - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 9:00
You likely won't see a whole lot of points in this matchup as UVA has the 2nd best scoring defense and UM has the 47th best. I do think that the Hurricanes can be able to slow down Malcolm Brogdon just enough which could really hurt the Cavaliers' offense.
Pick: Miami

Championship - Saturday, March 12th
1 North Carolina vs. 3 Miami - Washington - ACCN/ESPN, 9:00
The one time these two played this season, North Carolina blew out the Canes in Chapel Hill. I don't see that happening again, simply because Miami is too good to allow that to happen again.
Pick: Miami

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