08 February 2016

The worst advertisements from Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is about the only time that people pay serious attention to the commercials and perhaps with awful the game was, there could have been even more attention paid to the ads. Which companies got the job done when it came to Super Bowl 50? Here's my take.

Best ads

Ah, toenail fungus remedies.

Same company, different product, same result.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Bring back Russell Westbrook, Mountain Dew!

Considering how funny these two are, what a disappointment.

Just so bland and unforgettable.

If not great, need not apply?

I think the title of the ad says it all.

A quality candy bar but a dreadful commercial.

Axe is a mess these days with their ads. Good product though.

Are we getting at some bestiality action here?

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