19 January 2016

2016 ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

The 2016 Major League Baseball season is coming up so quick that if you blink, it may be Opening Day. What this upcoming season will mark is the 27th season of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and we have got our hands on their broadcast schedule for this season (the early portion of the season at least). Let's take a look.

All games on ESPN at 8 unless noted otherwise

April 3rd - 8:30
Mets vs. Royals

April 10th
Yankees vs. Tigers

April 17th
Giants vs. Dodgers

April 24th
Red Sox vs. Astros

May 1st
Yankees vs. Red Sox

May 8th
Red Sox vs. Yankees

May 29th - ESPN2
Dodgers vs. Mets

June 12th - 5:00
Cardinals vs. Pirates
Dodgers vs. Giants

June 19th
Pirates vs. Cubs

June 26th
Dodgers vs. Pirates

July 3rd
Marlins vs. Braves

July 10th
Diamondbacks vs. Giants

July 17th
Red Sox vs. Yankees

July 24th
Dodgers vs. Cardinals

July 31st
Mariners vs. Cubs

August 14th
Cardinals vs. Cubs

August 21st
Mets vs. Giants

September 4th
Nationals vs. Mets

September 11th
Cubs vs. Astros

September 18th
Yankees vs. Red Sox



  1. Will Buster Olney still be the reporter for Sunday Night Baseball it was announced that Jessica Mendoza will be joining the team

  2. Ben
    ESPN's baseball page has a number of games lined up for Sunday April 3 including the Jays at Tampa and an Angel's game... Are the other games pre-season?

    1. These are the games on the SNB package. Those other games are considered separate from this as part of Opening Day. Therefore they're not here.

  3. On Sunday night July 31st Seattle Mariners @ Chicago Cubs will be on ESPN

  4. August 14th Sunday Night Cardinals @ Cubs ESPN