09 January 2016

2016 College Football Playoff Championship Predictions

The college football season comes to an end on Monday night in Glendale with the College Football Playoff National Championship. There can be only one champion and it will either be the Tigers of Clemson or the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Who will win the second College Football Playoff?

Alabama Crimson Tide (2001 - Pres)Clemson Tigers (1977 - Pres)
Clemson (14-0) vs. 2 Alabama (13-1) - ESPN Megacast, 8:30
I feel that it is important to note that I have gotten every single CFP contest wrong to this point, so make sure to take this prediction with a grain of salt.

A key reason why I picked the Crimson Tide to fall to Michigan State on New Year's Eve was that I thought that the Spartans would be able to keep Derrick Henry in check and that Jake Coker would not be able to beat them through the air. They did keep Henry in check but Coker had the game of his life, helping to lead Bama to a beatdown in order to get here. If we see performances like the one we saw in the Cotton Bowl from the Tide, I don't see how they lose.

That's not to say that Clemson isn't a terrific club, because they are. They played pretty well in their own right to pull away from Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. And frankly, it would be much cooler for the Tigers, one of college football's perennial underachievers, to get their first title than for boring Alabama to win their 16th.
Alabama 27 Clemson 20

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