20 January 2016

2015 NFL Predictions: Conference Championships

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The NFL has now come down to its final four, if you will, as this Sunday will be Championship Sunday. Come Sunday evening, we will know the participants in Super Bowl L 50. Which two teams will have the honor of playing for the Lombardi Trophy? Here are my picks.

Last Week: 3-1
Playoffs: 5-3

Sunday, January 24th
Patriots vs. Broncos - CBS, 3:00
Boston Patriots (1961 - 1964) NFL Playoffs (2015 - 2015)Denver Broncos (1962 - 1969)
I do understand that the Broncos have had the Patriots' number when they have played in Denver and sometimes the teams that look relatively overmatched can surprise us. Plus, that Broncos defense is still damn good. But you can't sell me as this being a Brady-Manning matchup considering that Brady is still excellent and Manning is essentially a hack at this point and I think that the New England offense can have some success moving the ball against this Denver defense.
Patriots 24 Broncos 14

Cardinals vs. Panthers - Fox, 6:30
Arizona Cardinals (1994 - 2004) NFL Playoffs (2015 - 2015)Carolina Panthers (1995 - 2011)
To me, this is a much tougher call than the AFC title game as I could very well go with either club. While Arizona won a truly wild contest over the Packers, the Panthers jumped out to an early lead thanks to some Russell Wilson mistakes and then sleepwalked through the entire second quarter. Carson Palmer did look rather shaky this past week but I do think he will bounce back in a big way this week. You know Cam Newton will bring it but I think in the end, the deeper club will come out on top.
Cardinals 30 Panthers 28

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  1. Totally agree. The NFC is a far harder call with 2 well-matched teams (and 2 good teams on both sides of the ball). I go with Arizona in a tight one. The AFC ought to belong to the Pats. The Broncos on offense are unreliable and their defense will get unstitched by Brady's short and long game. That said it won't be a walloping and Denver will still be in it when the 4th Quarter starts.