30 May 2015

Why Alvin Gentry is a great fit for the Pelicans

Even with the shenanigans in Chicago, the most desirable open coaching job may have been in New Orleans with the Pelicans. After all, who would not want to coach a generational talent like Anthony Davis? Well, the man that will have that opportunity will be Golden State Warriors associate coach Alvin Gentry (as broken by ESPN's Marc Stein) and quite frankly, it's a very good hire.

29 May 2015

2015 MLB on Fox Announcers & Distribution: May 30th

With the days of the fifth month numbered, Fox will have a trio of primetime baseball games. Said games are Royals-Cubs, Red Sox-Rangers and Dodgers-Cardinals. Coverage begins at 7:00 following Diamondbacks-Brewers on Fox Sports 1. Continue reading to see what game you'll be getting on your local affiliate as well as who will be calling it this week on Baseball Night in America.

27 May 2015

2015 NBA Mock Draft: 2nd Edition

One week after the Draft Lottery, let's take a look at how the 2015 NBA Draft stands right now. Here is my second mock draft.