18 November 2015

2015 NFL Predictions: Week 11

In today's NFL, you can be sitting at 3-6 and be in the thick of a playoff race. Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars got bailed out down the stretch by a dumb Baltimore penalty and a bad officiating miss but now they are only a game out of first place in the AFC South. What a world.

Here are my Week 11 picks.

Last Week: 5-9
2015: 86-79
Locks: 8-2

Thursday, November 19th
Titans (2-7) vs. Jaguars (3-6) - NFLN, 8:25
Tennessee Titans (1999 - Pres)Jacksonville Jaguars (2013 - Pres)
This is very much an unappealing matchup but considering that this divisional race may just be the worst one ever, this is a key matchup in the division with the situation of the aforementioned Jaguars but also with the Titans being only two games out. The Jaguars just got a lucky victory against the Ravens thanks to a very last-second penalty on a play that shouldn't have occurred but simply put, they're the better team in my opinion.
Jaguars 16 Titans 10

Sunday, November 22nd
Raiders (4-5) vs. Lions (2-7) - CBS, 1:00
Oakland Raiders (1963 - 1963)Detroit Lions (2009 - Pres)
Detroit stunned many by going into Lambeau Field but let's be frank, their performance really was not all that impressive. Their offense could not get anything going and their defense got helped out by Aaron Rodgers being completely out of rhythm with his wideouts. And no, I don't think that that will be the kind of win that will turn their season around. Derek Carr should be able to throw for plenty of yards against this secondary and he will lead Oakland to victory.
Raiders 20 Lions 12

Colts (4-5) vs. Falcons (6-3) - CBS, 1:00
Indianapolis Colts (1984 - 2001)Atlanta Falcons (1990 - 2002)
The Falcons come into this game having lost two in a row and three of four, the last loss coming against a 49er team quarterbacked by the iconic Blaine Gabbert. Just let that sink in. Meanwhile, the Colts will be without Andrew Luck for a few weeks and will be led now by the oldest non-kicker in the league, Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck didn't look bad when he played earlier in the year (albeit against terrible opposition) but I think that after the bye, Atlanta will look better.
Falcons 21 Colts 19

Jets (5-4) vs. Texans (4-5) - CBS, 1:00
New York Jets (1967 - 1977)Houston Texans (2006 - Pres)
The Jets had their opportunities to take out Rex Ryan and the Jets this past Thursday but they came up short, thanks in part to a truly dreadful performance from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Meanwhile for Houston, they could end up starting T.J. Yates after he replaced Brian Hoyer after he suffered a concussion and he did enough to lead Houston to a big upset in Cincinnati. Ultimately, though, Yates isn't that good and the Jets should be able to bounce back for a key win.
Jets 18 Texans 12

Buccaneers (4-5) vs. Eagles (4-5) - Fox, 1:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014 - Pres)Philadelphia Eagles (1996 - Pres)
Mark Sanchez is going to be under center for Philadelphia and he will probably be a mixed bag. He didn't show a lot lot when relieving an injured Sam Bradford during Sunday's loss to the Dolphins and he has always been, and will always be, a turnover machine. Tampa Bay is a club that has been showing some much-needed improvement on the defensive end and I think that will be the difference at the Linc.
Buccaneers 20 Eagles 16

Broncos (7-2) vs. Bears (4-5) - CBS, 1:00
Denver Broncos (1997 - Pres)Chicago Bears (1974 - Pres)
The Brock Osweiler era will begin in earnest this Sunday as a hobbled Peyton Manning will ride the pine. Osweiler probably could not be any worse than Manning has been this season, but he also has never really played so we don't know what we'll get. Factor in the fact that the Bears have been looking solid of late and you know that John Fox may have a little revenge factor in the mix and thus I like Chicago here.
Bears 24 Broncos 17

Rams (4-5) vs. Ravens (2-7) - Fox, 1:00
St. Louis Rams (2000 - Pres)Baltimore Ravens (1999 - Pres)
The league has come out and said that the Ravens should have gotten the win over the Jaguars on Sunday given an officiating error but alas, it's still a loss as what was expected to be a big season has continued to be a dumpster fire. They will host the Rams who will have a new quarterback with the benching of Nick Foles leading to them now starting Case Keenum. Keenum isn't very good and Baltimore has actually been good against the run so I think they'll uncork a victory here.
Ravens 19 Rams 14

Cowboys (2-7) vs. Dolphins (4-5) - Fox, 1:00
Dallas Cowboys (1964 - Pres)Miami Dolphins (2013 - Pres)
It is not official yet but it is looking like Tony Romo will be back under center for the Cowboys and not a moment too soon. Yes, they have yet to win without him but considering the division is still a mess and they are within three games of the division lead so they need some wins and need them now. I think Romo will come out and play like the season depends on it and get them the win over the Dolphins.
Cowboys 23 Dolphins 21

Washington (4-5) vs. Panthers (9-0) - Fox, 1:00
Washington Redskins (1965 - 1969)Carolina Panthers (2012 - Pres)
Color me as one of many surprised to see one of the finest quarterback performances of the season coming this past Sunday from one Kirk Cousins. Will we see something like that against a far superior defense, that of the Panthers? I highly doubt it. The Panthers are clearly the superior team here and at home, they will get the win.
Panthers 21 Washington 10

Chiefs (4-5) vs. Chargers (2-7) - CBS, 4:05
Kansas City Chiefs (1972 - Pres)San Diego Chargers (2007 - Pres)
And just like that, the Chiefs have cranked out three wins in a row and have thrust themselves right into the playoff race in the AFC. Not only that, they may have helped to end the career of one Peyton Manning based off of their defensive performance on Sunday with four picks against five completions. Philip Rivers has never been great at taking care of the football and the Chargers have continued to sink into the abyss.
Chiefs 31 Chargers 22

Packers (6-3) vs. Vikings (7-2) - Fox, 4:25
Green Bay Packers (1961 - 1979)Minnesota Vikings (1966 - 2012)
Losing on the road to Denver and Carolina really isn't anything to be ashamed of, but losing at home to Detroit is very much inexplicable. There are a lot of problems right now for the Packers (Aaron Rodgers's timing with his receivers is way off right now, there is no running game and the defense isn't that good) and going on the road to take on a hot Minnesota club that has won now five in a row will likely see those issues continue.
Vikings 28 Packers 20

49ers (3-6) vs. Seahawks (4-5) - Fox, 4:25
San Francisco 49ers (1968 - 1995)Seattle Seahawks (1976 - 2001)
As mentioned earlier, Blaine Gabbert somehow led the 49ers to victory over the Falcons on the road when they last played prior to their bye week, but we are still talking about Blaine Gabbert and a terrible team that surrounds him. Seattle really is not that good but their defense is still good enough that they should be able to take out an awful team at home. The Seahawks are my Lock of the Week.
Seahawks 21 49ers 6

Bengals (8-1) vs. Cardinals (7-2) - NBC, 8:30
Cincinnati Bengals (2004 - Pres)Phoenix Cardinals (1988 - 1993)
Do you believe in primetime Andy Dalton? Whether you do or not, his performance on Monday night certainly gave some credence to that theory and now he will get another chance in primetime this week in the Carson Palmer Bowl. I think that Dalton will have another less-than-stellar performance this week while Palmer will shine en route to victory.
Cardinals 31 Bengals 23

Monday, November 23rd
Bills (5-4) vs. Patriots (9-0) - ESPN, 8:30
Buffalo Bills (1970 - 1973)New England Patriots (1971 - 1992)
Rex Ryan is a goofball and we know it and he was able to lead his Bills to an enormous victory over the Jets. Okay, it wasn't really an enormous victory at all but Ryan celebrated like he won the damn Super Bowl. The Patriots got pushed close to the limit by the Giants and even then, they were able to pull out the victory. The bravado and the shtick will only go so far for the Bills on Monday night.
Patriots 34 Bills 22

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  1. Hi Ben
    Your LOTW is spot on. Just cannot give the niners any hope for a W in Seattle. For a change Miami showed some backbone last week in Philly and I am praying Romo will be rusty on his probable return this weekend.