06 November 2015

2015 NFL Midseason Awards

Since we have arrived at or are around the midseason point of the 2015 NFL season, it is time to hand out some hardware. Here are my 2015 NFL Midseason Awards.

Preseason Awards

Most Valuable Player - Tom Brady, New England Patriots
New England Patriots (1971 - 1992)You think that Brady just may be playing with a chip on his shoulder this season? It sure seems that way in the wake of the whole Deflategate brouhaha as a 38 year old Brady is currently having the best season of his career and at this rate, he is on pace to throw for 46 touchdown passes and a record 5,508 yards. The Patriots are clearly the best team in the league this season and above all us, Brady is the reason why.
Runner-Up - Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive Player of the Year - Tom Brady, New England Patriots
New England Patriots (1971 - 1992)The debate over whether this is an award for the best non-QB in the league, as the best QB would indubitably be the MVP, will probably never end. But frankly with the kind of offensive numbers that he has been putting up, there is no reason that Brady should not be getting this award as well. He simply has been the best offensive player in the league this year.
Runner-Up - Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

Defensive Player of the Year - Josh Norman, Carolina Panthers
Carolina Panthers (1995 - 2011)As much as I would love to give this award to one of my favorites, Charles Woodson, I think it has got to go to the breakout cornerback for the Panthers. Norman has been one of the key reasons why the Panthers sit here without a loss as he has arguably been the top cornerback in the league this season. Less than half of passes thrown his way have been completed and he has got four picks on the season thus far, taking two of them to the house.
Runner-Up - Charles Woodson, Oakland Raiders

Offensive Rookie of the Year - Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams
St. Louis Rams (2000 - Pres)Gurley has only really played in four games this season and he currently is fifth in the league in rushing. He has far and away the most yards per game of any back in the NFL thus far with a 115 yard average and is averaging a very strong six yards a carry. And he is doing thus without much production at quarterback and an inconsistent offensive line. If you want to make a case that Gurley has already become the best back in the NFL, I am listening.
Runner-Up - Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders

Defensive Rookie of the Year - Ronald Darby, Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills (2011 - Pres)There have been a number of really good rookie cornerbacks, including our runner-up below, but I give the slight edge to Darby. Pro Football Focus lists them as their top rookie corner and one of their best period, and not only is that impressive in general, it is made more impressive when given the fact that the Bills' pass rush has been terrible this season as they have only 11 sacks.
Runner-Up - Marcus Peters, Kansas City Chiefs

Comeback Player of the Year - Chris Johnson, Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals (1994 - 2004)You can make a great case for Carson Palmer here as he has been terrific this season despite coming off another torn ACL, but here is the difference for me to give this to Johnson. Palmer, when healthy last season, was terrific. Johnson, however, was awful a year ago and he really has been a disappointment ever since his epic 2009 campaign. He basically came out of nowhere this season and has been huge for this Cardinals team and I'll give him this award.
Runner-Up - Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

Coach of the Year - Jack Del Rio, Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders (1960 - 1979)This is an award that could go to a number of guys but I am leaning towards Del Rio. In his first season in Oakland, he has the Raiders as a legitimate playoff contender in the AFC. Again, we are talking about the Oakland Raiders, who have been the butt of jokes for over a decade now. Derek Carr is looking great, Amari Cooper is looking like an impact player at wideout and I think Del Rio deserves credit for getting these guys to look like an NFL team once again.
Runner-Up - Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons

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