26 October 2015

2015 World Series Predictions

When the Kansas City Royals last won the World Series, the #1 song was Part-Time Lover. When the New York Mets last won the World Series, the top movie was "Crocodile" Dundee. Just in case you weren't able to figure it out, it has been a while since either team has last won the Commissioner's Trophy (1985 and 1986, respectively).

But somebody will have to win the 2015 World Series and end that three decade drought, which team will it be? Here are my predictions.

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New York Mets (1962 - 1992)Kansas City Royals (1969 - 1978)
To me, this seems like a series that is poised to go a full seven teams since I don't see either team as being much better than the other. The Mets have really great pitching that has powered their run, particularly through the postseason, but will their offense, namely Daniel Murphy, keep up their hot play? The Royals have an average rotation but they also have the best bullpen in the major leagues and an offense that may not be hitting a ton of home runs but is one of the best at manufacturing runs.

But while it has become a cliche that pitching is huge in the postseason, the Mets have shown that with their terrific rotation, it still is a pretty big deal. The deeper New York rotation will be the difference as they will be World Series champions.
Mets, 7

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