16 October 2015

2015 MLB Postseason Predictions: LCS

I think it is safe to say that after a wild and crazy Division Series, this MLB Postseason has jumped up a notch. MLB has come to its final four if you will and what we know is that one team will be breaking a long championship deficit with Toronto winning last in 1993, the Mets last in 1986, the Royals last in 1985 and the Cubs last in 1908. Billy Goats need not apply, here are my predictions as to who will get to the World Series.

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So the fact that these two teams are facing off in the ALCS is pretty wild, and not because of the fact of this being a rematch of the 1985 ALCS when the Royals memorably came back from a 3-1 deficit en route to winning the World Series. This matchup is crazy considering that both teams, despite being favored in the ALDS, had to go on the road down 0-2 to their opponents.

Fortunately, we got the two best teams in the league in this series and that's how it should be. Ultimately, this one is a tough call. Going into the postseason, I considered the Royals to be the favorite to win the league but now, after seeing the prodigious Toronto power save them from being down two games to the Rangers, my views have changed. Texas was not able to keep that power down for too long and I don't think Toronto will either.
Blue Jays, 7
I don't care who the Cubbies are playing in a series such as this, they will always be the fan favorite until they finally get that next World Series. They were able to overtake the Cardinals by simply being the better team offensively and I think that that Cardinals' numerous injuries to key players came back to bite them when they could least afford to. For the Mets, it was a really tight series against Los Angeles but it was Daniel Murphy who provided the heroics as New York got just enough offense off of Zach Greinke to survive and advance.

Once again, we have got ourselves a really tough call. The Cubs did smoke the Mets in winning all seven matchups, but that was before the latter went on that wild run after the incredible Wilmer Flores homer against Washington and then the Yoenis Cespedes trade. I like the Mets because after the spotty performances the Cubs saw from their starting pitching against St. Louis, they have got the pitching edge and losing Addison Russell is a major loss for the Chicago defense.
Mets, 6

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