16 October 2015

2015-16 Fox College Hoops Schedule

College basketball action returns to the Fox broadcast network this season with some of the finest Big East and Pac-12 games in the history of America (or something like that). Let's take a look at their schedule, to be included with announcers as they come in.


Saturday, December 5th
Syracuse vs. Georgetown - 1:00 (Tim Brando, Jim Jackson)

Saturday, December 12th
Cincinnati vs. Xavier - 5:30 (Joe Davis, Jim Jackson)

Saturday, December 19th
Wichita State vs. Seton Hall - 12:00 (Tim Brando, Jim Jackson)

Sunday, January 24th
Providence vs. Villanova - 12:30 (Joe Davis, Jim Jackson, Molly McGrath)

Sunday, January 31st
Villanova vs. St. John's - 12:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Molly McGrath)

Saturday, February 6th
Arizona vs. Washington - 4:30 (Tim Brando, Steve Lavin)

Saturday, February 13th
Georgetown vs. Providence - 12:00 (Joe Davis, Stephen Bardo)
Xavier vs. Butler - 2:30 (Gus Johnson, Steve Lavin, Molly McGrath)

Saturday, February 20th
Xavier vs. Georgetown - 12:00 (Joe Davis, Stephen Bardo)
Butler vs. Villanova - 2:30 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Molly McGrath)

Saturday, February 27th
Villanova vs. Marquette - 2:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson)
UCLA vs. Stanford - 4:30 (Joe Davis, Steve Lavin)

Saturday, March 5th
Georgetown vs. Villanova - 12:00 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Molly McGrath)
Creighton vs. Xavier - 2:30 (Justin Kutcher, Stephen Bardo)

Saturday, March 12th
Big East Championship - 5:30 (Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson, Molly McGrath)

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  1. anyone know who called the Georgia vs Seton Hall game?