11 August 2015

2015 NFL on Fox Announcers

As so many people have been asking me about when the NFL announcing teams would be coming up, in this case for the NFL on Fox, we know can answer that question. Fox Sports announced their NFL announcers for the upcoming season today so let's take a look.

Fox NFL Schedule

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Laura Okmin
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Tony Siragusa
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
Dick Stockton, David Diehl, Kristina Pink
Sam Rosen, Chris Cooley/Matt Millen/Kirk Morrison/Brady Quinn, Peter Schrager/Holly Sonders/Danielle Trotta

A number of things to discuss here. First, the big change is the breakup of the Albert, Johnston and Siragusa team, one that has been working together regularly since 2007. It has not become clear why they broke that team up but I think it could work out, at least for Albert and Johnston. I have never been that fond of Siragusa's analytical and thus his departure could give a larger role in the broadcast to Johnston, who I find to be underrated.

Siragusa was originally going to be paired with Brennaman and Donovan McNabb but with McNabb getting indefinitely suspended due to a DUI, Fox then replaced him with lead college football analyst Charles Davis. Davis is very good and has worked with Brennaman before on Fox's BCS broadcasts but throwing Siragusa into that dynamic could make it a funky mix at the start.

Once again there is a bit of a grab bag on the seventh team with the always good Sam Rosen working games with Cooley, who works Washington radio broadcasts, Millen, who will be the lead BTN analyst after leaving ESPN, and the solid Morrison and Quinn.

H/T Fox Sports


  1. The announcing crews are released and Siragusa is with Brennaman and Davis. Brennaman and Davis are both solid, and Siragusa will ruin it like he did with Albert and Johnson

  2. Tony Siragusa is now with Brennaman and David and Laura Okmin is now with Albert and Johnston.

  3. I thought mike joy and Matt yocum were supposed to join the crew.

    1. Should be troll unless Mike Joy and Matt Yocum joins the crew.

    2. I saw on Wikipedia in the spring the 2015 announcers. They didn't announce who will fill in for joe buck and Erin Andrews when they cover the World Series.

    3. Thom Brennaman will fill in for Joe Buck while Justin Kutcher fills in for Brennaman now for who fills in for Erin Andrews is up in the air

  4. mars should cut it out.

  5. Yes mars just cut it out lol maybe Ben should find a way to block trolls like you off of his page

  6. Tony Siragusa is the best. He tells it like it is. Fox again has screwed up. Love ya Tony