02 June 2015

2015 Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

The Stanley Cup was first awarded way back in 1893. It was known as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup and the first recipient was the Montreal Hockey Club. 122 years later and the Cup is still going strong as this year will see the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning facing off.

Will the Lightning win their second Stanley Cup or will the Blackhawks win their sixth? Here are my predictions.

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A2 Tampa Bay Lightning vs. C3 Chicago Blackhawks
For the first time since 2000, both teams in the Stanley Cup Finals had to get through the full seven games in the Conference Finals to get here as Tampa Bay needed seven games to get past the Rangers and the Blackhawks needed seven to get past Anaheim. Both won Game 7's on the road but while Chicago had to rally from being down 3-2, the Lightning nearly blew a 3-2 series lead.

These two look similar on the ice. Both the Bolts and the Hawks have very talented offensive units as each will depend greatly on their top six forwards. The teams each are solid defensively and both have talented goalies in net whose performance has a little all over the place this postseason.

What Chicago has that Tampa Bay notably lacks is experience and playoff experience. Under Joel Quenneville, they have won two Stanley Cups, appeared in three Cup finals and reached the Western Conference Finals five times. Considering that this current team has been around for much of that run, if not all of it, they know how to get it done.

Experience generally gets overrated during playoff time but it certainly doesn not hurt and when you consider that Chicago may be a little bit better on both ends of the ice, they look poised to win yet another Cup. Of course, it doesn't help the matter that their fanbase has been so deluded by winning consistently that they have reached Cardinals #BFIB levels of obnoxiousness but we can save that discussion for another day.
Blackhawks in 6

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  1. Are us Blackhawk fans that bad?? Living in Chicago, I never knew there was such a disdain for the Hawks haha. Also keep in mind the Blackhawks are the only team we've been able to celebrate in a LONG time. I agree that both teams are pretty evenly matched especially with speed but another angle to look at is neither team is very physical.