03 June 2015

2015 NBA Finals Predictions

The 69th NBA Finals kick off tomorrow night in Oakland. The Cleveland Cavaliers are going for their first ever NBA championship while the Golden State Warriors are going for their fourth championship and their first since 1975. It is the first Finals ever to feature two rookie head coaches and it is the first Finals since 1998 to not feature the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs.

So who will it be? Will LeBron James successfully bring a title to Cleveland for the first time since 1964, or will a sensational Warriors season be capped off the right way? Here are my predictions.

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1 Golden State Warriors vs. 2 Cleveland Cavaliers
There is a reason why the Warriors are the favorites to win this series. After all, they are certainly the best team in basketball right now, got through a tough Western Conference with minimal issues and feature a deep, talented roster led by the league MVP in Stephen Curry who has been spectacular all postseason long.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers certainly lack the kind of depth that their opponents have, especially with Kevin Love being out and Kyrie Irving hobbled by injury. J.R. Smith has looked like the team's second best player of late, unless you ask him yourself.

But there is one thing the Cavaliers have that can swing the series their way: LeBron James. James has been absolutely spectacular this postseason, putting up a crazy 27.6/10.4/8.3/1.8/1.3 statline. He wasn't the MVP this year but he is still the best basketball player on the planet and he is good enough to win this series just about on his own.

However, we did see last year with the Heat as to what can help what James's supporting cast is not entirely up to snuff in the Finals and while I think the team is good enough to push this series to a sixth game, the balanced excellence for the Warriors will get it done.
Warriors in 6

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