23 June 2015

2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup TV Schedule

The CONCACAF Gold Cup, arguably America's favorite biannual soccer tournament, kicks off on July 7th and this year's edition will be hosted in these United States (along with two games in Canada!). Continue reading for the full broadcast schedule, with announcers of course, for every game of Gold Cup 2015.

Group Stage (Predictions)
Tuesday, July 7th - A - Frisco
Panama vs. Haiti - FS2, 7:00 (JP Dellacamera, Cobi Jones)
United States vs. Honduras - FS1, 9:30 (John Strong, Brad Friedel, Julie Stewart-Binks)

Wednesday, July 8th - B - Carson
Costa Rica vs. Jamaica - FS2, 8:00 (Steve Cangislosi, Brian Dunseth)
El Savador vs. Canada - FS2, 10:30 (Glenn Davis, Janusz Michallik)

Thursday, July 9th - C - Chicago
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Guatemala - FS2, 7:00 (Mark Rogondino, Cobi Jones)
Mexico vs. Cuba - FS1, 9:30 (Glenn Davis, Alexi Lalas Francisco X. Rivera)

Friday, July 10th - A - Foxborough
Honduras vs. Panama - FS2, 6:00 (Keith Costigan, Janusz Michallik)
United States vs. Haiti - FS1, 8:30 (John Strong, Brad Friedel, Julie Stewart-Binks)

Saturday, July 11th - B - Houston
Jamaica vs. Canada - FS2, 6:30 (Keith Costigan, Janusz Michallik)
Costa Rica vs. El Salvador - FS2, 9:00 (Glenn Davis, Warren Barton)

Sunday, July 12th - C - Glendale
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Cuba - FS2, 6:30 (Keith Costigan, Stuart Holden, Francisco X. Rivera)
Guatemala vs. Mexico - FS2, 9:00 (Steve Cangialosi, Brian Dunseth, Francisco X. Rivera)

Monday, July 13th - A - Kansas City
Haiti vs. Honduras - FS1, 7:00 (Glenn Davis, Warren Barton)
Panama vs. United States - FS1, 9:30 (John Strong, Alexi Lalas, Julie Stewart-Binks)

Tuesday, July 14th - B - Toronto
Jamaica vs. El Savador - FS1, 6:00 (Glenn Davis, Janusz Michallik)
Canada vs. Costa Rica - FS1, 8:30 (Steve Cangialosi, Brian Dunseth)

Wednesday, July 15th - C - Charlotte
Cuba vs. Guatemala - FS2, 6:00 (Steve Cangialosi, Brian Dunseth, Francisco X. Rivera)
Mexico vs. Trinidad & Tobago - FS2, 8:30 (JP Dellacamera, Cobi Jones)

Knockout Stage - Quarterfinals (Predictions)
Saturday, July 18th - Baltimore
United States vs. Cuba - Fox, 5:00 (John Strong, Brad Friedel, Julie Stewart-Binks)
Haiti vs. Jamaica - FS2, 8:00 (Mark Rogondino, Cobi Jones)

Sunday, July 19th - East Rutherford
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Panama - FS1, 4:30 (Steve Cangialosi, Brian Dunseth)
Mexico vs. Costa Rica - FS1, 7:30 (JP Dellacamera, Stuart Holden, Francisco X. Rivera)

Wednesday, July 22nd - Atlanta
United States vs. Jamaica - FS1, 6:00 (John Strong, Brad Friedel, Julie Stewart-Binks)
Mexico vs. Panama - FS2, 9:00 (JP Dellacamera, Tony Meola, Francisco X. Rivera)

Third Place Game
Saturday, July 25th - Chester
TBD vs. TBD - FS2, 4:00 (John Strong, Tony Meola, Francisco X. RiveraJulie Stewart-Binks)

Sunday, July 26th - Philadelphia
TBD vs. TBD - FS1, 7:30 (John Strong, Brad Friedel, Francisco X. RiveraJulie Stewart-Binks, Grant Wahl)

H/T Philly.com via The506

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