03 May 2015

2015 NBA Playoffs: Conference Semifinals Predictions

16 teams entered the 2015 NBA Playoffs with hopes of winning the Larry O'Brien Trophy but now, only eight remain. That is right, we have reached the Conference Semifinals round of the NBA Playoffs. We largely saw chalk in the first round but will we see any big upsets in terms of teams getting to the Conference Finals?

Here are my predictions.

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1 Atlanta Hawks vs. 5 Washington Wizards
While the Wizards put a real beatdown on the Toronto Raptors in the opening round, taking the series in four games, the Hawks struggled a lot more than virtually anybody thought they would with the Brooklyn Nets. It would be easy, and lazy, to just pick the Wizards as a result of that but one cannot forget that Atlanta won every matchup of the two when their starters were playing. However, after Brooklyn's frontcourt posed some troubles for the Atlanta unit, I think a better Washington frontcourt could have the same kind of success.
Wizards in 7

2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 3 Chicago Bulls 
Two teams that don't like each other square off here. Cleveland did sweep Boston but they did so at the cost of Kevin Love, who will be out the remainder of the playoffs thanks to the Kelly Olynyk incident. Being without Love, and also without J.R. Smith for the first two games due to suspension, really messes with the Cleveland offensive spacing and isn't a great development when going up against the always strong Chicago defense. Granted the Cavs still have the best player in the league in LeBron James and another star in Kyrie Irving, I think the loss of Love will make enough difference to swing the series to the Bulls.
Bulls in 6

1 Golden State Warriors vs. 5 Memphis Grizzlies
The Grizzlies looked very good in dispatching the Trail Blazers in five games but the injury questions surrounding Mike Conley are a significant worry about a well-rested Warriors club. Golden State did have some tight contests with New Orleans in the first round but as a championship team should, they were able to get the job done each time. Look for them to take out Memphis quickly.
Warriors in 4

2 Houston Rockets vs. 3 Los Angeles Clippers 
Houston made my Dallas prediction look really good as they took care of the Mavs without too much issue but the Clippers may have been the team of the opening round as they prevailed in an awesome seven game set with the defending champion Spurs. Considering that it is a series that the Clippers do not historically win, pulling such a win out means that big things could be coming this postseason for them but do not count the Rockets out. After all, Dwight Howard looked very good and when James Harden has help, they are much more dangerous. And Chris Paul likely being out for Game 1 could be a big difference. I've gone back and forth but I like the Rockets, barely.
Rockets in 7

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