19 May 2015

2015 NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals Predictions

Considering that it has been such a wild NBA Playoffs, it may be surprising to the common observer that the four top seeds in the bracket have reached the Conference Finals. With all the action beginning tonight on the Western side and tomorrow on the Eastern side, who will advance to the 2015 NBA Finals?

Here are my predictions.

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1 Atlanta Hawks vs. 2 Cleveland Cavaliers

There are a few reasons to be concerned with both teams even as they have gotten to the Conference Finals. While Atlanta has not looked spectacular against both Brooklyn and Washington, Cleveland is pretty banged-up with Kyrie Irving notably not at 100%. If we saw the Atlanta offense of the regular season, they could take advantage of a Cleveland defense that leaves something to be desired but we really have not seen that kind of performance from them at this point. That said, nobody has had the answer for LeBron James yet and that search will continue until the Finals.
Cavaliers in 5

1 Golden State Warriors vs. 2 Houston Rockets
It really is nuts that the Rockets have gotten to this point. We all know about their crazy comeback from 3-1 down to knock out the Clippers, most notably that bonkers 19-point comeback in Game 6. But as some of you know, I didn't even have the Rockets coming out of the first round! Houston probably feels like anything is possible at this point but I have a tough time seeing how they pull this upset over the Warriors. Memphis had some success against Golden State with playing tough, physical defense, the kind of basketball Houston doesn't play. The Rockets will play right into Golden State's hands with playing at a fast pace and thus will be unable to advance.
Warriors in 5

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