14 May 2015

2015 FIFA Women's World Cup on Fox Announcers

The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup commences in three weeks from this Saturday and while we are still waiting for the broadcast schedule on the networks of Fox Sports, we do know have the broadcast crews that will be utilizing from Canada next month. Let's take a look.
Glenn Davis, Christine Latham 
JP Dellacamera, Tony DiCicco, Cat Whitehill
Jenn Hildreth, Kyndra de St. Aubin
Justin Kutcher, Aly Wagner
John Strong, Danielle Slaton or Angela Hucles
For what it's worth, these crews are listed in alphabetical order by the play-by-play announcer and not as in the order of the crew. Dellacamera, DiCicco and Whitehill will be the lead broadcast team and will call all of the USWNT matches.

Reporters include Jenny Taft, who will be embedded with the USWNT, Julie Stewart-Binks, who will be a roving reporter, and Grant Wahl, who will be a correspondent-at-large.

It's a solid group of announcers but one thing you will note is that unlike ESPN's World Cup coverage, there are no British announcers involved in the coverage. As Matt Yoder notes, that's not unintentional. All in all, it's a solid group of announcers and nice to see Dellacamera, who has long been one of the top American soccer play-by-play guys, to get another shot at a high profile gig.

Fox's studio coverage will be based in Vancouver and will be hosted by Rob Stone and Kate Abdo. Analysts include Alexi Lalas, Heather Mitts, Eric Wynalda, Leslie Osborne, Kelly Smith, Ariane Hingst, Monica Gonzalez, Dr. Joe Machnik plus Hucles and Latham.

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  1. Justin Kutcher may be the worst announcer in history. Made almost childish by contrast to his excellent female counterparts. His "radio-style" announcing of the obvious is beyond annoying. Justin, it's video. We can see the passes and we don't need you to repeat what the women announcers say. The A to B to C back to B radio commentary , oh my. Trying to wring excitement from exaggerated expressions. Horse racing, Justin. Try horse racing coverage. But leave women's sports to the women who know what they are talking about.